Friday, June 22, 2007

Empty sewing baskets!

This does not happen too often, all my sewing baskets are empty! I finished the Burda top for my daughter, see below and the review at Pattern Review if you want more info. The fit is fine, but I think the neckline is too low.

Further I finished my Sewy Linda bra and panty.

For the bra I will write a review on PR sometime this weekend, the panty pattern is drafted from instructions to my own measurements. Made this panty first in white lycra with white lace as a muslin. This muslin is very wearable, so now I made this one to go with the bra. I like the way the two fabrics fit together.

Further I finished the panties for my daughter, the dark blue capri for myself was finished more then a week ago, but I could not make a good picture of this as the fabric is so dark.

So, what's up next? I have so many ideas, too many fabrics and of course lacking time.
I think of making my DKNY dress in a plain fabric, and altering the skirt and make it wide with godets. Want to make shorts, t-shirts etc.
And want to make a dress (yes, another one!) of this fabric from the package I received from Gorgeous Fabrics. It will be a sleeveless version of the Burda wrap dress I made earlier this year.

And I took lessons again, this time I'm going to make a swimsuit! Very anxious to see how this will be.
This is the fabric I'll be using for the swimsuit. And I'm not going to count this one in my sewing baskets!

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  1. I love that turquoise, black and white fabric!
    Sigrid, how did you get into bra making? Did you get one of those all-expensive books? Would you even recommend it? I love your tutorial on bra making and will definitely use it as well. I haven't seen a pattern in my size (32DD or 34D depending on brand)to try either, so would be up for suggestions. THanks!


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