Friday, June 8, 2007

Arm hole adaption

The top is finished, this is the result, a review I posted on Patter Review.

It's e very explicit print, that I would not choose normally. I bought it from EmmaOneSock, and there are more swirls then assumed. But for this top it seemed fine, and for me it is. This print does not require a pattern with many design details.

First I completed the adaption of the pattern. The sewing books did not solve the problem how to correct the extra width on my front armhole. But with common sense I came to this method of working:

  1. Pinned a piece of fabric under my arm and marked the armhole line I wanted
  2. Cut the fabric at the line of the added dart
  3. Marked the pinned line on the muslin fabric
  4. Drafted the lines of the adapted armhole the back and front pattern
  5. Drafted the "dart" on the front part, and moved the extra width to the side dart
  6. As last point I redrafted the point of the dart a little higher, as the bust point on the pattern was lower than mine.
In the last picture above you can see the changes in the pattern: a rather big front dart after doing a fba and adding above change for the armhole. The armhole for the back is also higher.
The result in my finished top is good.

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