Thursday, June 14, 2007

Yahoo photo's

Yesterday, before writing the Sewy bra review at Pattern Review I wanted to upload the photo's to the Yahoo photo service I use. Then I was informed by the system that this service is being discontinued and I have to move my photo's. Just now I have chosen to move them to Flickr. I guess this will mean that I have to edit all the links in my reviews on Pattern Review. Not looking forward to that time consuming task.

But the bra is finished! I'm very lucky to have a shop with lingerie notions in the town I live, so I could buy shoulderstraps at the same time as some daily shopping. The wires make the bra look a bit strange, but on my daughter it's fine.

And below are bra's from the fabrics and notions bought at Kantje Boord, on which I posted earlier. These are made with the Merckwaerdigh pattern I reviewed earlier. It's unbelievable what you can make out of 2 meters of lycra. Now I moved on to a bra for myself combining these fabrics, which I like, but my daugher didn't want that.

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