Sunday, June 3, 2007

3 baskets

For some time now I restrict myself by having 3 baskets for my sewing work. It means that I don't have more than 3 projects that I'm working on at the same time. For me, this works rather well.
At the moment in my baskets:
1. A few panties for my daughter, to go with the bra's I made her of the fabric of my post 2 weeks ago.
2. Dark blue capri pants. Made of linen I bought and washed yesterday. For these I will use a TNT pants pattern, that's been used now for 2 years and I have simply cut shorter.
3. Dotted black fabric for a top, as shown in one of my first posts. This is the picture of the pattern I have in mind. It is a Burda pattern.

This is a challenging project because of the fitting issues I have on this kind of front.
Thus I made a muslin this afternoon, after changing the pattern. Earlier this year I made a Burda top with a knotted front (review here), which I now have put away as not wearable. I keep tucking at the seam to prevent it from creeping up all the time. Just don't feel comfortable.
But I think I found the reason for this too: the length of the upper front part is not long enough to go over my D-cup breast. After taking my measurements accurately and comparing them to the pattern I changed the pattern as shown below.

I cut the pattern to the bust point (determined by tissue fitting before the mirror) a couple of times and moved the pieces down to create space. This meant extra space at the bottom, which I corrected with a dart.

Very good I decided to make a muslin, the result was not very satisfactory.

On my left side is the result as it was after the changes above. Not very flattering. On my right side I pinned away a lot of space (approx. 6 cm) from the lower front part. This looks a lot better, but I'm not yet convinced that I will use this pattern.

I do have some time to think about it, there will not be a lot of sewing the next few days, the 15 minutes here and there will be spent on my capri pants.

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