Saturday, October 20, 2007


My Patrones pants are not finished yet. I sincerely wanted to go on with it, but got sidetracked by the black pants because there was black on my serger. Good reason, isn't it? So I started serging the black pants (BWOF pattern) and went ahead with that one instead of the Patrones pants. The black one now only needs hemming, show you pictures soon.

Then I got sidetracked by a fabric that I bought recently and was hanging to dry (seldom use my dryer). So when I went upstairs last night to my sewing room, I was hanging there (dried) and ended up not sewing pants, but this Jalie top. The review is here on PR. Very easy, instant gratification, but as said in my review, the fabric must have more stability for this one (or would fusible interfacing help, what do you think?).

This is the pattern picture.

I bought the fabric for this top because it will go well with the Knip skirt I made earlier, and with the dark blue pin-stripe fabric that is my third pair of pants.
Further I plan to make the Vogue 2987 jacket as next more complicated project. I want to know whether this can be the jacket for my SWAP plan, if not I have a real problem for the wardrobe pattern that must be used in the contest. Perhaps I'll make a real Swap plan, just because the good things of it, without participating for real in the contest.
These are my combinations.


  1. Your fabric is really lovely - I love the way that you can wear either navy/black or brown with that print!

    I may do the same thing you're considering for the SWAP. Just make a plan, but not enter the contest.

  2. Sigrid ~ can you write about what your concerns are about the jacket? Because I think it's a great jacket that could be made in a varied amount of fabrics and would work in a casual/business casual or tailored wardrobe.

  3. Your top looks lovely and I really like the fabric! I will read your review at PR now :o)