Saturday, October 20, 2007


Carolyn asked me to write about the problem I have with the jacket relating to the swap plan. For those not knowing swap=Sewing With A Plan and I want to join the Timmel contest that is held the beginning of next year. This contest requires 11 garments, 1 jacket, 6 tops (not all tees) and 4 bottoms that all must be matched. Extra is the rule to use a wardrobe pattern, of which you must make 3 items at least.
My problem with this jacket is that I'm afraid that the neckline will not work with every type of neckline underneath. A blouse with collar might be a problem. This restricts my choice of tops.

If this is true, I could make a jacket with an easier to match neckline. The rules of the contest don't say that the jacket must be from the wardrobe pattern. But:
1. I don't have any other wardrobe pattern
2. Big 4 patterns are expensive here, and I buy them only when the patterns has something very special to me, like the jacket of no 2987, which I won't find elsewhere.
3. Julie doesn't sell them, so I can't buy one from her as qualifying buy to enter the contest, which

I'm not willing to spend money on a pattern that I don't really want, only to enter a contest that I like for the purpose of the plan, staying focussed and to join the experience with other sewers. Winning is not a goal, don't care about that at all, making 11 matching garments is a goal, and I would have won enough if I reach that one.


  1. Precisely. I'm in a similar situation where I don't want to make unwanted/needed garments from a wardrobe pattern just to enter the contest. I need the clothes, not a prize. The prize is icing on the cake for finishing!

  2. I'm having the same issues and not sure if I will do the swap, even though I have purchased a pattern and fabric specifically for it. I like the jacket in the pattern I chose, but already have fabric and another pattern for the jacket and don't want to buy more. Also, I have not purchased anything from Timmel yet and haven't found anything that works with my plan. Sigh...

  3. Ah and I am so twisted that instead of seeing a problem, I saw a challenge! :) Ummm, the first thing I thought when I went back to look at the jacket pattern was take the collar off...just omit it! Then just about every type of top will work with the jacket. Seriously, do you need the collar? And omitting it makes the jacket more you...or am I just crazy! *LOL* I will be interested in learning what you finally decide to do.