Saturday, October 13, 2007

Marfy coat finished

Finally I managed to finish my coat. Pffff, it took some time but I think it was worth the time it took. It's not perfect, there are some details I would do different another time, but it was quite a learning curve. On the picture the front seems uneven, but this is not so. I think the coat needs a fifth button, now it tends to be open at the bottom. It's wide enough around the hip area, that's not the problem.
When I move in this coat the sleeves seem better then in these pictures, though they are not perfect. Must give that a bit more attention next time I make a jacket.

I like this coat, and think will wear it often this winter.

A picture of the inside of the coat, before lining was inserted.

Now on to a bit less time consuming projects, I really need a few basic bottom items. And I hope to cut 2 or 3 pants this weekend. Two patterns I made before and should be no problem, the third is a Patrones pattern. I ordered an issue for the first time and received it yesterday. What a great magazine, a lot like BWOF. I immediately wanted to make a few items from it. Yesterday evening I traced a pattern for pants, compared it with a BWOF pants pattern, and the crotch curve (always the problem point with pants), was almost the same! And as BWOF pants patterns have great fit for me, I'll try this one.
And though I don't speak a word of Spanish, it was very clear to understand which pattern pieces I needed.


  1. Wow! This looks great! I didn't notice the gap until you mentioned it and I had to go back and check out the picture! Sometimes I think we sewers are too hard on ourselves and that we do amazing work and should be patting ourselves on the back instead of looking at the little flaws!

    Good luck with the new Patrones pants pattern. Did you say what fabric you would be using?

  2. What a great coat - I can see how you'll definitely use it this winter.

    Good luck with the Patrones pattern. I have one muslin that I've made up and surprisingly, all the alterations were the exact same ones and almost exact same size that I made on my Marfy pants.

  3. It looks fabulous, Sigrid! Well done! I also wish you good luck with the Patrones pants (speaking of Patrones, it seems that they stopped selling them in Portugal - the last two issues didn't get here... Too sad :'( ).

  4. I can't see the pictures, Sigrid :((
    Maybe blogger is down, I'll try it later

  5. That coat is wonderful. All your time and effort really paid off!!

  6. I see pictures, I see pictures! :) Sigrid, the coat is beautiful!

  7. Oh, It looks great! I was so excited to see your interpretation of this coat, because I did this one too. It sure was a challenge! At times I thought I would go crazy. All those pieces! Also it was great to see the very special patch pockets on the coat (I never got around to them). You did a splendid work and I speak from experience :)