Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Answer to question

As a reaction on my last post Besosmom2 asked me how I would change the waistband for a RTW pants that is too big.
It's a lot of trust in my knowledge (thanks for the compliment) and I would like to answer, but my knowledge on alterations is not very good. I confess to prefer making new clothes to altering existing ones.
But what I would do is try to take out the extra width in the center back, and make an extra seam in the waistband. That is how I attach a waistband anyhow, with a seam center back.

If anyone who reads this has a better solution, please mention this in the comments.


  1. Thank you. And you should have as much faith in yourself as all of us readers have. I for one am very appriciative of your explination of clothes making...

  2. Sigrid, Dawn fron The Secret Pocket blog wrote a couple of blog entries on that type of alteration... I looked it up and here are the links: and

    Have a nice weekend, Sigrid!

    PS - I also prefer making new garments to alter existing ones!