Friday, January 25, 2008

Storyboard in Powerpoint

No sewing this week, hopefully this weekend there will be more of that, I have a lot of plans. First the jeans for DD (she has come to the conclusion that she lacks time and skills to do that). And after that, so many plans that I can't decide what to start first.

As a result of a question asked on Pattern Review, I offered to make a tutorial "how to make a storyboard in Powerpoint". I made that last week (for Windows computers, apologies Mac users), and it can be found as pdf-file here.
Powerpoint is not a tool with which you can change a lot of things at the pictures/images you use, but a basic storyboard with a picture like this is very well possible.

Further I'm almost finished editing my bra making tutorial as a pdf-file (in which I now see that the hook/eye closing had been totally omitted in my blog version, how stupid is that).

And.... I've changed the look of my blog. What do you think of it?

Q/A: NancyK asked which fabric I'm going to use for the knock-off jacket. I have found a fabric, but it might be a little too thick. The jacket has binded edges, thus a lot of layers there. Next week I'm going to try another store. The pattern (BWOF) I'm tracing also this weekend.


  1. Thank you! I found your tutorial for getting pictures from Burda's and other's websites excellent and easy to use. I am almost ready to make my SWAP storyboard (I think I've committed to making a SWAP!) and this will be perfect.

  2. ooh I can't wait to see your bra making pdf - I've been going over your separate bra pages in preparation for my first one! And I like the new look, it's clean and simple (even though I usually see you via my RSS reader!)

  3. Duh! Yes, I like the new look of the blog.


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