Saturday, June 16, 2007

Sewing Saturday!

Unbelievable, I have a Saturday for myself, and guess what I'm doing? Sewing of course. My daughter wanted to stay a weekend with my mother and she went there by train yesterday. Children grow up fast! She's 13 (this summer 14) and this was her first trip by train alone. I took her to to station, there was no change of trains, and my sister, who lives close to my mother, collected her from the station there. It's not a very long journey, a little over an hour, but I was glad to hear she arrived safely.
And today my son has a hockey tournament, and my husband went with him, so at 8 o'clock this morning I had the house alone.

After some cleaning I started sewing by the arithmetic of Nancy's comment on Cidell's blog: 15 minutes of cleaning is 1 hour sewing. I cleaned for an hour, so.....

I'm making the DKNY dress I posted on earlier and making it of a linen fabric. Earlier this week I made a muslin. I traced the pattern from a 14 at the top, to a 18 at the hip.

From this I learned:
  • some armhole gaposis at the front, very little at the back
  • armhole a tadd too low
  • neckline in the back a bit too wide
  • would like a walking slit at the back
  • the sewing order of the front can be easier than described.
I sincerely believe that the creases in the back are caused by the fact that I have my hand at my hip in the picture.
After correcting this yesterday evening I cut the fabric and lining.

From a review by Kay Y on Pattern Review this week (very timely indeed!), I thought I might try the method of underlining the dress, instead of sewing the lining as a separate dress. I took her method of sewing the underlining within the dart line first, before sewing the dart.
Never did this underlining before, so I searched and found some information on the Threads website. Further I decided to use a hongkong finish. All in al: a challenging project.

Some pictures of what I did till now (1 pm here).
1. Pinned the underlining to the fabric with a lot of pins.

2. Attached the underlining, using my walking foot to prevent movement of the two layers.

3. Sewed most darts

4. Attached the upper front part to the lower front part, carefully clipping. Then I added a hongkong finish with the lining fabric.

OK, I'm going to leave the project here for there are a few other things I want to do today, but hope this dress is finished this evening (no particular reason, just tomorrow no sewing time).

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