Sunday, September 28, 2008

A bra

It's been a long time since I sewed some lingerie. Too many other projects that took priority, but today I felt like making one.

This is the result, a partial band bra. I took pictures while constructing, and will make a tutorial soon. Some time ago I received an email asking for a way to make a front closing to a bra. I did reply that I had never made such a bra (though I'm one of those women closing my bra in front and then turning it to the back). I think that this is the type of bra that might be the solution to make a front closing. I wouldn't know how to do it on a full band bra.

But now (it's Sunday evening here) it's time to prepare for a working week.


  1. Sigrid,I rtruly like the fabric and fine details...very "nicely" made. Look foward to your tutorial.

  2. Gorgeous. I missed your lingerie sewing.

  3. Pretty - you've just reminded me that I need to actually get started on a similar project for myself. It is on my list for this fall.

  4. It's gorgeous Sigrid... So inspiring. I was thinking of making one this very afternoon!

  5. YOu make the most beautiful lingerie!

  6. Now that is a LOVELY bra! Move over Victoria's Secret...we got Sigrid's Secret

  7. Wat heb je weer prachtige lingerie gemaakt!



  8. I am very much looking forward to your tutorial. I have supplies to sew a bra but not the courage.

  9. Very beautiful!

    I've never done a front closure in a bra myself, but the technique is described in a (German) book: you just cut through the front middle, even on a bra with band, and put in hooks and eyes there. (considering seam allowances and the amount of gap between hooks and eyes.)

    So far for theory, never tried myself.


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