Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Another pattern magazine

A short note for a link to the preview pages of another Dutch pattern magazine, just for inspiration what you can do with one pattern: FIMI

The clothes often use the same pattern, but the style is very different. Mostly not my taste, but as that is a very personal matter, for your info.



  1. Interesting! At least you can actually see the garments in these photos. Is sewing very popular in the Netherlands, there seems to be quite a few magazines in Dutch.

  2. Not my taste either. We don't even have one of these sewing magazines, only the pattern magazines from the pattern companies. I assume that this one has pattern sheets too?

  3. Very inspiring! I could see muyself wearing many of these outfits!

  4. I can see the potential in all those designs but they don't fit right on the models and looks like it was sewn in a rush for the photo-shoot, it just look sloppy.

  5. It is interesting to look for the same blouse or jacket on each of the pages. I really like the fabrics used.

  6. Some interesting garments there - thanks for sharing!


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