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As mentioned in my post of yesterday, my blog has received a few awards by PamGwen and Anne.

I really feel very flattered and honored, and find it a bit difficult to picture these three here in one post.

It's so lovely to share my sewing adventures with others by the means of my blog, and think it's an award as such that you read my blog and sometimes leave a comment. As all bloggers, I like comments, though I'm guilty of not leaving many at the moment myself. Sorry about that, time is very limited at the moment, and I try to sew and spend less time at the computer (I know, trying....).


The rules for these awards are (not all quite the same, but I'll treat them as one)

1. Select 6/10 bloggers to whom you would like to give this award.

Always a difficult one, as there are so many blogs, and I like so many. But I chose the following in no particular order, and I'm aware some are given the awards already, but these are really among my favorites:

Tany - I'm always amazed at the garments she makes. Beautiful tailored work, at a constant high level. And I'm still not really believing she's not a very professional seamstress (just kidding).

Paco  - though his blog is in Spanish, I like to see his projects very much, they are so detailed. And the google translator always makes me laugh, whether I choose English or Dutch to translate to. His recent contribution of a lapel tutorial for a tailored jacket is really excellent.

Summerset - I love her very regular posts, and the diversion between art work, clothes for herself, husband and children and the comparisons she does between vintage and contemporary pattern. Though I'm not making sewing an art like she does, I love to read about it.

Birgitte - Relatively new in blogosphere, she makes beautiful things. Have you seen her Chanel jacket? It's gorgeous.

Leslie - Makes beautiful knock-off garments with much care to the details. Very inspiring (I'm regularly reminded on my own unfininished knock-off top this summer)

Robin - Making things I like to make myself, except for the home dec. But I admire her for doing that too, and sharing her adventures. I like her style of writing, and somehow we seem to have a few things in common. She might come to the Paris PR weekend that is planned for next year. I want to go too, and hope to meet a fellow blogger in real life.

Cidell - Always a pleasure to read what she sews, and all the things she does besides sewing she writes about so well. Didn't you want to go to the cigar-factory when she wrote about that?

Carolyn - Love to read this lady's blog, she has an opinion, not only on sewing related matters, and I like to read them. Though I never write on political matters or comment on posts of that nature, I still like to read her posts on that too. And her working with wardrobe items and vintage patterns is so inspiring.

2. Put the award - prize on your blog and indicate who gave it to you by identifying her/his blog (done).

3. Paste these rules on your blog.

4. Write 6 of your most important values and 6 negative points you condemn (for the last award only)

Important Values:

Well, of course I could write 6 more obvious values, but there's really one value that stands out for me and that is respect. I mean that in a general sense: respect for nature, animals and other human beings. And I mean very specifically that people should respect others, disregarding their origin, gender, race, religion, money or lack thereof, social position etc. Everyone is valuable and equal, and if we all (individuals, churches of all religions, political parties, countries) would have (more) respect for others, I think the world would be a better place.
Not everyone is the same, I'm glad it is not so, but I don't believe in "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others" (from Animal farm by George Orwell). I'm not a saint, who is, but this is really important to me. I want to be judged for who I am and what I do and stand for, and honestly try to do the same myself. You may differ in opinion on issues, but you should discuss the opinions and listen to the other and not judge right away. Having another opinion on an issue is never an excuse to use violence.

Negative Traits

Follows directly from above, I detest disrespectful behavior.

Well that's enough personal opinion, off my soapbox before I start on a few feminist issues.  Completely digressing from my sewing theme for once. Hope you don't mind. My next posts will be sewing related again. I always thought my personal opinions are not for my blog...

5. Inform the  recipients by leaving a comment on their blog (going to do that now)


  1. Thank you very much Sigrid. And I agree with all your points in the post, and now- back to sewing:))

  2. Sigrid - thank you so much for thinking my blog worthy of an award! Your thoughtfulness is soooo appreciated!

  3. Sigrid, thank you for mentioning me. I love to watch your projects come to life.
    You are so generous with your knowledge and skills!

  4. Sigrid .- congratulations on the awards and thank you for your offer to me. I am happy. I include in my next post. best wishes and see you soon. Paco

  5. Congratulations on the well deserved awards, and thank you so much for nominating me among all the other fabulous nominees!


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