Thursday, September 25, 2008

Comparing instructions

The jacket is not done yet, and I didn't sew anything in between, like the blouse last week. I did make the collar, and one sleeve is inserted. Time is not on my sewing side at the moment. Hope to finish it this weekend, there's just too little time (why do we need sleep?).

Sewing the slit of the sleeve was quite difficult (it was the only part till now where I followed the Vogue instructions), the seam ripper was necessary twice, and understitching amost impossible.

Yesterday in bed I was "reading" the pattern for Vogue 1064, to know whether there were any special things in construction for that one. Both the jacket I'm working on (1063) and the 1064 are Anne Klein patterns, from the most recent  collection and both have a slit in the sleeve. To my surprise the construction for the slit is very different on the 1064 pattern. And now I've seen that, I remember I made a slit before in the way it's described in the 1064 pattern and it's much easier to do. Why didn't I remember that earlier on? I'll do the second sleeve in the same way as the first, but writing down this here, I hope to remember it for the future.

Construction 1063 1064


  1. This is why I hardly ever read instructions anymore :-)) The second version is logical. Smart of you to post this for future reference.

  2. I rememebr using the second methos on a BWOF jacket too...