Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Blouse in between

Sometimes you need a break from work, and early this afternoon I turned off my computer for a few hours and went to my sewing room (it has its advantages working from home). Didn't feel too well and not inspired to continue the jacket. The collar of the jacket is something I want to do with attention, and not with a slight headache.

Last week I already did all preparation work  and cut the fabric for blouse 16A of the September Knip mode. It is not difficult at all in construction: only ruffles, no collar or cuffs. Just what I needed this afternoon.

This is the result, the ruffle is more narrow than the Knip magazine picture suggests, but now I have looked closely at the picture again, I see that they turned part of the facing too for effect in the picture.

I'll show you the blouse on me later, when I have bought buttons to match and have finished the pants too.

My changes were only an FBA, and in changing didn't see that I lowered the neckline in a way that I can not wear this blouse without a cami. Live and learn.

I cut the ruffles on the bias. Knip mode almost always does those straight of grain, I think bias cut is easier to work with and gives better ruffles.

And Knip wants you to do the inside with a ruffle to the hemline too, I omitted that and did it like this.

Total time of construction was only 2 hours. Sounds like instant gratification, doesn't it.


  1. Very pretty blouse and I can't believe only 2 hours.

  2. Very pretty blouse; you do such beautiful work.

  3. What a treat to be able to stop work and sew! The blouse looks great!

  4. I like this a lot. I have this issue on order. It will go on my very long list of patterns to sew! Looking forward to seeing it on you. Is it really too low in front? Doesn't seem that way on your dressform. It is really lovely. A bit of the current ruffle, but not over the top.

  5. Oh wow... 2 hours only! Looks to me like a pretty treat :-)

  6. Very pretty! I love that fabric too, is it cotton batiste?

  7. So pretty and so quick, too! Very nice job.

  8. Very pretty blouse! So simple and elegant. I love the ruffle!

  9. Very pretty, will you sew the skirt too?

    Best wishes,

  10. Oh, I love this blouse Sigrid.Beautiful!


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