Saturday, September 6, 2008

Why don't I make something simple

That was what I was asking myself when I tried the first stage of the muslin for Vogue 1063. As it is some time ago I made a Vogue jacket, I started with size 14, and made only a length alteration of 4 cm in the waist and 2.5 cm in the sleeve. I knew of course that this size would not fit right away, but hoped it would not be too difficult to alter.

It was difficult to make the alteration in the waist. The lines to "lengthen or shorten here" were there, but the pattern has a definite curve from front to back and it was difficult to decide how to make the curves on the altered pattern.

The result for the first phase: hips not wide enough, shoulder too wide, too much space in the front/waist area, a little extra space needed in the bust area.

In the picture I took in the right side of the muslin, which makes it already a bit better. All in all a bit disappointing. I do think I can make this pattern work for me, but it takes time. As said, I had hoped for a better result, I want to make a small wardrobe for work in the next weeks and there is not a lot of sewing time at the moment.

The coat for the coat sew-along must be postponed a little, I've traced the pattern again in size 40 and did a fba. Cutting of the (3rd) muslin for this must wait.

AllisonC asked if sewing in the Netherlands is very popular because there seem to be so much Dutch sewing magazines. I must say that it looks that way, with the magazines and our fabric markets in spring and autumn. Those markets are really nice and always very busy. Knip mode has special issues for children, babies, teenagers and plus sizes, besides the monthly magazine. And there's fimi and one or two other children and teenager pattern magazines. And yet, I don't know anyone personally who sews, and most of my friends don't even have a sewing machine, and if they have, only use it for repairing rtw clothes. Probably sewing for children is more popular than sewing for yourself. That's only my impression, perhaps it's different in other areas of our country, must be, otherwise the sellers of fabric and magazines would stop their business.


  1. I hope you can make it work as it is such an interesting pattern. Looks like you have most of the issues covered. Good luck !

  2. Halo Sigrid

    Just a short not to tell you that I offered you a price for the quality of your blog. Visit mine for all details. ;-) Anne

  3. I think that you should be able to make this work without too much more effort. There are so many places to add and subtract. It's an interesting jacket and i think that it will be worth the effort.
    My coat is on hold as well. My shoulder problem flared up so badly that it's all I can do to get my work done! I know that you have similar issues. It is not fun!

  4. Sigrid .- the muslin is pretty good, really. I am sure you will reach a good end to this pattern. Many success. Thanks for the information on magazines, I must say that in Spain many years ago, all the magazines that came were Dutch, really. greetings, Paco.

  5. Why don't we know anyone who sews other than our Internet buddies?! This baffles me.

  6. I love the jacket and I'm sure you can pull it off. I saw this pattern last week and was actually thinking of making it myself, using a beautiful cashmere I found last weekend, so I'll be keeping an eye on your progress!

    About sewing in the Netherlands: I'm originally from NL, and in my group of friends nobody used to sew, although ususally they did get jealous when they saw what I was able to make for 1/3 of the money they spent on their clothes!

  7. This jacket is going to look great. I love the back curves.