Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Comments and questions

I'm really grateful for the reactions and suggestions to my last post about the cowl-neck knock off shirt.
Caity asked what a cowl stay is. In this post I showed a t-shirt with a cowl neck and cowl stay. I never heard of this solution before I bought Claire Shaeffer's book High fashion sewing secrets last year either. But it worked great in that shirt. I agree fully with Patsijean that this is a must-have book. And Patsijean, I would very much appreciate if you could scan a few pages. It will help me decide whether I will buy this book. I'm gradually increasing my sewing library and as I'm in the Netherlands no opportunity to find such books in a library.

Jenny, I would like to receive pictures of your rtw top. If not for this top, I'm always curious how rtw clothes are made.

My e-mail adress you can find in the side bar (isedl at yahoo dot com)

The tie will not give enough support (as Lisa suggested), it gives the impression that it does, but there's too much drape lower on the top that will distort the fit if not kept in place properly.

Nancy W, I think that the facing as you describe is more or less the same I used in my blue t-shirt I referred to earlier in this post, and what I'm thinking of too for this top.

Helen's suggestion of using a light weight knit as lining fabric appeals to me very much. I must find some and try it on the muslin.

To be continued...

Some last questions not on the top that I had not yet answered:
The book my daughter was reading (trying not to look like a tourist in the train to London, but betrayed by her mother taking a picture!) was indeed a ShopAholic book. This was the first time she tried one in English, and she has almost finished it. I'm her walking dictionary (she calls me that) for the words she really didn't understand, like sonographer or obstetrician but in general she can follow the story. I'm no judge, it's not my type of book.

Prutsprinses asked how I did the bilingual feature. I have made a pdf file on how I did that in Blogger, if you're interested send me a message with your e-mail adress, then I will send you that.

BTW: I already told in my last post in Dutch that I'm not continuing the bilingual feature. The arm/shoulder problems are still there (holiday didn't help much). I like to blog and won't bother you with my problems any further, but it just took too much time to keep the bilingual feature if I want to post regularly.

Now I'm going to sew the buttons to my dress and decide on the length of the skirt. I didn't post about this project, but hope to finish my review today.


  1. Ahh! Now I see! Thanks so much for pointing back to that earlier post. I must try and find that book myself...

    Hope your arm/shoulder problems get better - it must be very frustrating.

  2. I cannot wait to see your dress! I took a good look at the photos you sent me and it is such a good solution. I drafted a sleeve this morning and will get to the muslin shortly. I hope that you take lots of photos of the details.

  3. I always forget about that Claire Schaefer book on my shelf, but you're absolutely right. It is a must-have.