Saturday, May 24, 2008

This and that

When my daughter saw the Amy Butler free pattern for a business card keeper she wanted to try it, but as all sizes were in inches, and the instructions too difficult for her, she asked me to do it (it's an ideal pattern for cards of credit-card size, not only business cards). Having finished my blouse (pictures still to be taken) and not in the mood to start something else yesterday evening, I said yes.

This is the result.

Side pocket 017 Side pocket 016

Part of the fabric is cut in the wrong direction, as my perception of what the direction of the parts was, wasn't correct. The instructions are very different from what I'm used to, and require careful reading.
I must say that I quit the project yesterday halfway, as it didn't make sense to me any more. Cause must have been Friday night after a few days of very hard work, and I was very, very tired. These instructions must be read carefully and line by line, and I marked the lines that I finished.

What I don't like is being told each time that I have to backstitch each end of the seam. It distracts from the instructions. Just tell at the beginning and only tell when you don't have to do it (which in this pattern is never). But with careful reading it's a good pattern.

At least good to try the instructions for an Amy Butler pattern, as I have two bag patterns in my stash that I want to try sometime.

Speaking of bag patterns: this week my package from Australia arrived for the Purse frame bag (that Connie won the PR contest with).

I love the label that was used.

This will be the next bag I'll make. Hopefully in June. Instructions seem to be good as I browsed through them , the print is a bit small, which confirmed my gradual need for reading glasses, :(

Side pocket 019

And in the comments on my dress a few of you here and in the PR review noticed my shoes. Let me for once show a picture of a new pair of shoes. I like them, though the heels are a bit high.

Side pocket 020

Regarding the closet-cleaning Melissa asked what I do with the clothes I sewed myself. I'm ruthless, just do them away. When I really like something though I don't wear it any more, I leave it in my closet, otherwise it will go to goodwill.

And on a completely non-sewing note, but on blogging. I always had problems with the layout of my posts. On my new notebook computer Windows Livewriter was pre-installed. I like the features it has and am particularly fond of the possibilities of using tables, which I use to align text and pictures. Adding pictures is easy too.
As always with these kind of programs: some things could be better, but for me it's much,much better than writing my posts in Blogger itself, or in notepad first. It speeds up my writing of posts (did you notice?). It's a free program that can be used on a Windows computer with XP or Vista.

Parting shot on the this and that post is a picture from a flower in my garden. One of my favorites is Astrantia (don't know the English common name) in each variety. Astrantia


  1. Nice shoes!

    I loved Connie's bag too and toyed with the idea of taking a class. Maybe one day.

  2. Sigrid, your post is chock full of information, as usual. Thanks for the link to the purse pattern, the tip about blog writing software and the photos!

    I love that label, too: You sew girl!

  3. Sigrid, beautiful portfolio .... ahhh. and thank you for additional information. greetings. Paco

  4. Cute bag, and I agree, those Amy Butler instructions are written for people who've never threaded a needle before. Good for them, but it makes it very difficult to follow if you know what you're doing.

  5. Thank you for showing the shoes! I love them.

  6. I've never heard of Livewriter! I'll have to look in to that.

  7. What a gorgeous pair of shoes!!!

    Your business card keeper looks wonderful!

  8. Sigrid, I downloaded LiveWriter to my laptop but I haven't used it much. I am getting better at keeping the format of my posts consistent, though. Let us know how LiveWriter is working out for you after you've used it for a while.

  9. Mum I love your shoes! I'm going to steal them!