Saturday, May 24, 2008

How to sew a side pocket with topstitching

In my Knip dress I made a side pocket, mostly by the instructions of my old Burda sewing book. I topstitched it, which was not included in the instructions. As I like this way of working, I'll show you how I did this (instructions for right side of garment, change directions for left side)


Side pocket 005 Sew the side seam, make large stitches between the points for the opening and make a few backstitches  at the start en end of the opening.
Side pocket 006 Press the seam open
Side pocket 007 Sew the pocket parts to the sides half a centimeter from the edge.
On the left side the lining fabric, on the right side the garment fabric (if you want a difference, for example with thick fabric)
Side pocket 009 Press the lining pocket at the seamline towards the garment.
Clip the seam on the right side with a diagonal cut, this prevents loose threads.
Side pocket 010 Turn to the right side, you can now topstitch the pocket. Either from top to bottom, or like I did with a bar-tack on top and end of the opening.
Side pocket 011 On the wrong side of the garment, lay the pockets right sides together, and stitch. I usually use a conventional zigzag to finish the edge of the pocket.

Take the long stitches for the opening of the pocket out.
Side pocket 012 Finished pocket, the pockets are not exactly at the seamline of the garment, which gives a nice finished look.


  1. Sigrid .- thank you for this tutorial. never before had done their pockets in this way. I will prove in an upcoming clothing bearing the form of pockets. greetings. Paco

  2. Excellent tutorial, Sigrid!

  3. Thank you for an excellently illustrated tutorial. I was able to actually make these pockets the first time I tried your method. I love pockets and these are easy!

  4. Thank you so much for this tutorial. I made my adult son some pirate pajama bottoms, and after they were done, he asked me for some pockets in them. Thanks to this tutorial, I was able to do them without a problem. (well, without MUCH of a problem, anyhow.) Mine did not turn out perfect, but "next time", they will be.

  5. Hi Sigrid - thank you, i was trying to figure out how to sew a side pocket, made a mess then found your tutorial. Everything made sense now. Thanks very much.

    God bless you for sharing.


  6. Thank you for posting this! I was sewing a Burda pattern (6/2012, pattern 109), and I couldn't understand the Burda instructions (no surprise there!). I googled "in-seam pockets with topstitching" and your tutorial came up. It was exactly what I needed! Thank you again! Mary Y.M.