Friday, May 23, 2008

The Great Coat Sew Along

As many of you will have read on other blogs already, Marji started a blog with a sew along for a wintercoat. The idea is to sew a wintercoat, and plan early, so that it's ready by September.

Butterick 4665 Vogue 8465
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I'll post a bit on my coat here on my own blog too, so for those following the TGCSA-blog too, it's mostly a double post.

In the sew-along May is the period for gathering materials, for me it's the decision of what to make. I'm one of those who have to buy the materials for the coat, so deciding on which coat to make is the first thing for me.

I'm not an experienced seamstress when it comes to coats. I made my first coat in many many years (a Marfy pattern) last year, and in the end didn't wear it that much at all. Main problem is that the slit in the back and the position of the last button on that coat give a bit strange opening when walking in it. So this time I want a coat that I'll wear.

Looking for a pattern for a winter coat now very much reminded me of Carolyn's post of this week about a magazine that in the May issue had Fall fashion as a feature. I'm so glad I can at last leave the house now without thinking of a coat. And then I'm browsing magazines and internet for a wintercoat!

My choices: BWOF did have a few coats that I like, but they were all in the plus-size range and I don't want to start with downsizing a pattern.

I have Vogue 8465 and today ordered Butterick 4665. For the Vogue pattern I see the same problem as Shannon described: the neckline is so open, how do you wear this? For both I consider the short version.

What do you all think?


  1. I haven't decided on a pattern yet but I do have some fabric in the stash I want to use. I only have 2metres x 150cms - so it will be a short coat.

  2. I adore that Vogue pattern - which would work well for me here in Toowoomba, Queensland, where coats are really almost decoration! For anywhere cold, though, I reckon that while the style is TO DIE FOR, you might just die from pneumonia if you wear it!

  3. I have that Vogue pattern too!

    I'm still deciding if I join Marji's coat sew along or not... My hands are so fuul right now... And winter fabrics are almost impossibe to find during spring/summer. I do have a couple of projects from my fall/winter list...

  4. Love the two choices of patterns. Either one would be gorgeous, but that open collar is tricky if you want to stay warm. Maybe you could fill in the neck with a great scarf (that's what I have considered)? I am willing to suffer to an extent for fashion, but freezing to death seems a bit much to ask!!

  5. As I said on the coat blog, with your slim figure you'd look great in either.

  6. Tja, het Vogue patroon is helemaal geweldig,maar of het praktisch is, vraag ik me af. Een heeeele grote dikke sjaal breien misschien ;-)?


  7. I agree you would look smashing in that Vogue pattern. But it wouldn't be too practical.

    I am using Vogue 7979, which is really similar to the Butterick you posted. Very functional- I guess I will jazz it up with interesting fabric... we'll see...

  8. You'll probably get more use out of the Butterick pattern... the Vogue is very unique, I see it more for special occasions than every day. You won't go wrong either way!

  9. I think the coat is very dramatic, and you would have to wear it with a scarf/muffler. I am also in the sew along and am planning to finally make the 'evening" coat that I wanted to make last year. I have the fabric and underlining - but still haven't decided on the pattern.

  10. Sigrid, I like the Butterick pattern as it is timeless and classic plus you can add some design features to it like trapunto on the collar or a tone on tone embroidery design. Will be following along to see everyone's coats. It's much too warm where I live to wear a coat except maybe once or twice a year.

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