Sunday, November 18, 2007

T-shirt with cowl collar and new bra

Can you stand another bra? I made yet another one. Not that I need any, in my drawer are more bra's and panties than I ever had when I didn't make them myself. But it is an addiction!

This is the Sewy bra I made before, only now the wrinkles are gone and the fit in the back is better. My adapted review is here. The cool new widget from Pattern Review on the right doesn't show it, because the original date is from several months ago, and in the list the new ones are on top.

Still to sew: two panties to go with this bra.

And I made a T-shirt with cowl. In my post from Thursday I showed the pattern change.
This is the original Butterick I made last winter, from a very drapey buttermilk from EmmaOneSock. It is very difficult to make a good picture, but the "lines" tend to go round my breast, instead of straight down.

I had a "lightbulb" moment when I read Claire Shaeffers solution of a collar stay in the book High fashion sewing secrets.

This is what it is about: an extra front in a non-elastic material, that prevents the cowl from draping in a way it shouldn't.

And this is the result on me. Quite a nice result I think, no pulling over my breast. As mentioned in my earlier post, I took a Jalie pattern for the overall fit and combined this with Butterick 4606.
Next time I will not make the necline in the back higher, but keep it like a


  1. That cowl looks great!! I'll have to try the cowl stay myself - thanks for pointing it out!

  2. No, I can't stand another bra! LOL. They're just too pretty and make me wish I had more time to explore lingerie making! Of course, I'm kidding - you do beautiful work.

    The cowl stay is clever! Such a great idea.

  3. Another fabulous bra! Wow! I would never have guessed it wasn't bought at a high end lingerie store!

    The cowl turned out perfect on you! I have that Claire Shaeffer book and I did notice the article about the cowl stay! Well done!

  4. Another beautiful bra! I made a bra a year ago and now you inspire me to make some more. Yours are so beautiful. I am looking forward to visiting the lingerie fabric shop you mentioned to me.
    I love your cowl sweater, too. The collar looks very nice.

  5. Great bra - nice shade of brown/taupe?
    Good job on the cowl!

  6. Can you just come to America, spend a few days sewing with me and show me how to make such wonderful bras? I am just depressed thinking about how awesome your lingerie drawer must be...

  7. Gorgeous shirt, but absolutely fabulous bra, I love it. I've just returned from another training and with some luck... I might have a bra to show on Monday :)


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