Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Knock off top - second muslin

I finished my second muslin for my knock off top. My first muslin you can see in this post.

Knockoff 001 Knockoff 004
Knockoff 003  

This time I used a cotton knit, which had less drape than the first fabric for the muslin, which you can see clearly. And I sewed one seam on the front to the outside. Well, it's only a muslin.

I took out a bit too much width in the top of the back and could take out a bit more in the lower back. The most important change is the space I took out in the lower part of the front, this is an improvement to fit. With a fabric that has more drape, a centimeter or two added at bust level and a bit added to the back I think I can make it from a good fabric. Now to find a good knit with a lot of drape!

Speaking of fabrics. Today I received my fabric from Textile Studio Patterns, which is the prize I won for the jacket in the  Knock off contest on Pattern Review in March. Its a beautiful fabric. Marsha (of Textile Studio Patterns) doesn't say too much with this description: "Bundles of tan, latte & gray threads are randomly woven through a soft white boucle ground. Simply stunning!"

My daughter said: "That's a cool fabric mum, and those colors are beautiful". Those of you with teenage daughters know that is a huge compliment.

(And let me add that it's nothing to do with Marsha that I received this fabric end of May! It took me a long time to decide which fabric I wanted, and then asked her to delay sending it till after my holidays).

Knockoff 006


  1. That is lovely fabric! Can't wait to see what you do with that one.

  2. Me again, I just went back and looked at your muslin and the original design. The original is very tight from just above the bust down - I think that is what the difference is. It is only really above the bust that has the drapes. Maybe taking it in more?

  3. Love the fabric you chose from Textile Studio.
    I think your muslin is coming along, and I think Vicki's got a good point about where the fullness is. Except that maybe your goal isn't "very tight" below the bust - I know mine wouldn't be. ;)

  4. Sigrid .- tissue is precious, you have a project for ?...... and muslin and looks very good. greetings. Paco

  5. What a beautiful fabric! (Finally I'm catching up, lol!)