Saturday, May 10, 2008

Back from the UK

English Nederlands

Blossom snow 2

I'm back from a very enjoyable stay in the south of England. We rented a cottage near Sevenoaks in Kent and saw a lot of places, beautiful gardens, made nice walks in the beautiful countryside and spent two days in London. We saw two musicals (Blood brothers and Les Mísérables) which certainly for our children was a very special event. What can I say, it's very refreshing to be away for two weeks in May. Thanks to special holidays here in the Netherlands and ascension day being so early, our children had two weeks off from school, so we decided to use those weeks.

No internet access at all in those weeks, which is good too (reminds you the world goes on without it) but I did miss you all. Good to be back.

If you want to see a few impressions from my holiday, I've uploaded a few pictures here. Just family holiday pictures, nothing special, but I've included pictures of my family. My husband and son are of course very important to me, but they never are the subject of my sewing adventures, so usually they are not mentioned here. So here a chance to "meet" them. I wanted to make this a private album with a password to be told here, but it doesn't work the way I thought it would, and kept the album public. I'll remove it after some time.

As I mentioned in a post before my holidays, I took my sewing machine with me and managed to do a few things. Made a few panties to go with the bra's I made recently to complete the sets, nearly finished the Knip dress (but forgot to bring extra fabric for pockets).
I'm not satisfied with the sleeves and are going to alter them.

And I made progress with the muslin for the top I showed you.

I'll be posting more about those projects this week. For now I'm going to enjoy the beautiful weather here and attend to my garden (it exploded with green in two weeks!). I got a lot of inspiration in England too!

And of course I have to catch up on reading mails and blogs. Thank you all for your congratulations on my 1st year of blogging and all the nice comments on my blog. Looking forward to the 2nd year.

Terug uit het heerlijke Engeland waar we genoten hebben. Maar ik moet helaas constateren dat het met mijn arm/schouder niet goed gaat en dat twee weken niet achter de computer tegen verwachting in niet heeft geholpen. Voor het bijhouden van mijn weblog betekent dat helaas dat ik besloten heb dit voorlopig alleen in het Engels te doen. Ik vind het bijhouden van een weblog heel erg leuk en vond het leuk om het in twee talen te doen, maar het kost me simpelweg teveel tijd om het verhaal in twee talen te schrijven en te zorgen dat het technisch allemaal goed werkt. Ik vertrouw erop dat jullie het geheel wel kunnen volgen in het Engels, maar mocht dit toch een probleem zijn en wil je ergens in het Nederlands uitleg over, stuur me dan gewoon een mail. Ik zal wel proberen vanaf nu de "tutorials" in twee talen te blijven maken.


  1. Welcome back Sigrid, I'm glad you had such a great time. Beautiful pictures from Kent, it looks like you had a wonderful time! You look beautiful BTW, it was nice to see you and your family. You look close-bonded.

  2. Welcome back Sigrid and thanks for posting such nice pictures! Your family is beautiful and you take nice photos.

  3. Looks like that was a wonderful place to spend two weeks. Thanks for sharing the pictures of your family with us. I have read that Sophie Kinsella book that your daughter was reading, she writes really funny stuff!

  4. Welcome back and thank you for sharing the photos of your lovely family. We were there almost exactly one year ago ourselves, and we all loved London, especially my daughter who can't wait to return.

  5. Welcome back, Sigrid. Sounds like a wonderful, relaxing vacation. Thanks for sharing the pictures, you have a beautiful family.

  6. Sigrid .- sometimes it's good to disconnect from the daily routine. I am glad that you've had a good holiday. greetings and see you soon. Ahhhh! and now to sew. Paco

  7. Welcome back, and glad you had a nice relaxing time. Unwinding is important, as is spending time with loved ones!

  8. You have a lovely family and I'm glad you had such a fun, relaxing time...but I'm glad you're back! Was that Shopaholic your daughter was reading? It's hilarious!

  9. Welcome back! Thank you for taking us with you through the photographs. You have such a lovely family, too.

  10. Thanks for sharing the photos! Such a beautiful place. So green. And the flowers are beautiful. You all look so happy :)

  11. Welcome back! Thank you for sharing such lovely pictures. It looks like a wonderful place to enjoy with family.

  12. Sigrid, you have an adorable family! I'm glad you've enjoyed your vacation and welcome back (I'm a little late but catching up, lol)


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