Friday, November 23, 2007

Guinness book of records

My daughter asked me this afternoon if I wanted to be in the Guinness book of records. I started to make her a coat: McCalls 5513. It was cut on an evening this week and I started sewing this afternoon around 3 o'clock. First I asked her to try the body without sleeves, and a little later with sleeves. That was when she made the remark: the sleeves went in so smoothly, that it took me only 15 minutes to set them both in. So I was back to her "in no time".

It's a cute pattern, but the pattern sizing of McCalls is a mystery to me. In the dress that my daughter made we ended using 4 and would have used 6 for a non-stretch fabric.
For this coat I used the 10, and could have used a 12 (but it's not on the pattern I have). I sewed small side and sleeve seams.
I referred to the finished bust size on the pattern, that I never really noticed, untill Summerset told me in the comments some time ago.

The construction is not so difficult. I was short of about 5 cm of fabric, and cut the lining a bit longer. It's a balloon sort of skirt part, so that's no problem I hope. The back will remain plain, not my daughters idea of embellishment.
I lengthened the sleeves, and will not do a lot of


  1. So far, it looks good.

    Glad you found that tip useful! It is easy to overlook, and is essential for American patterns. Yes, American pattern sizing is a mystery to me, too. Consistent sizing is one reason why many of us American sewers like Burda, etc.!

  2. Ha. 'One season coat'. Spoken like a real mom. It's such a cute design. She's going to look great.

  3. This style is so cute. Looks like it is coming along just fine!

  4. Looking good! I'm looking forward to seeing the finished coat!


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