Tuesday, November 6, 2007


The last few days I got some things done, but there was not much time to blog. Time now for a little update.

DD finished McCalls 5512 (with a little help) and she's very happy with the result. The fabric had been cut a few weeks ago, but a lot of schoolwork prevented her from finishing it, and she wanted to do it herself.

Surprise to me was that she found it very difficult to work with default seam allowances of 1,5 cm. From the few things she did till now, she apparently already got used to working with actual seam lines as used with Knip and Burda. The review on PR is here.

I finished my red Patrones pants with the alterations as described in earlier posts. Because I had cut wide seam allowances, I could make the muslin to a wearable pair of pants. Strange that the wrinkles are back a bit again, but still this is a big improvement. It will take a few more pants to get it perfect, but for now you have seen enough pictures of my back!

The altered review is here.


I've definitely decided not to enter the Timmel swap. As mentioned earlier I like the idea of a swap very much for the end result of having 11 garments that go together well and for the joined effort and inspiration of others doing the same. But the rules for this year just don't fit me.

I will make my own swap (inspired by Carolyn in this post and from the results of previous contests with Timmel and PR), but without the wardrobe rule and just starting and finishing as I want. My swap will have a lot of Jalie and Burda patterns in it. I hope to make a plan in the coming week.

Adding to stash

Today I had to be in Amsterdam for business reasons, and I took the opportunity to shop a little at Kantje Boord, my favourite shop for all lingerie notions. You could easily spend hours there, they have so much in store.

This is what I bought: a lace that was available in a left and right side to make symmetry possible. And with it embroidered lace to match. As it is very sheer, I will use ecru lycra underneath. In the picture this is already under the lace. Not to be made very soon however.

Parting shot

A few of the beautiful iron-on flowers I received from Laura, together with some beautiful lace. The lace I will show in a finished project. The flowers will be a great embellishment. Thanks very much Laura.


  1. Your pants are looking pretty good!

    Your daughter's dress turned out lovely too.

  2. I am sorry that you aren't going to participate in the Timmel SWAP, I learned so much from doing it the last three years. However, I am glad that you have caught the wardrobe planning fever and will make one of your own. I can't wait to see what you decide to make!

  3. I love the dress (so trendy and comfy at the same time) and the pants look a whole lot better - I really cannot see those smile lines that you mention.
    That lace that you bought... OMG, it is gorgeous. Can't wait to see what you make from it, even if it's not on your priority list.
    I'm really sorry you won't participate in the Timmel SWAP, but I do hope you'll make a beautiful wardrobe and post on the SWAP board from time to time.

  4. Your pants look very good - you should be so proud! :-) I'm thinking about participating in the Timmel SWAP this year, a little nervous, but it sounds like fun. I really need to be a better wardrobe planner.

  5. Did you say notions store in Amsterdam? Woohoo! You'll have to share the address with me :) please :) You bought such beautiful fabric!

    Your daughter's dress turned out great! She is talented. As for your pants, they look really nice. Kudos to the two of you!

  6. Your daughter shows talent! I hope she continues producing lovely garments like this one!

    Your pants turned out really good!
    And those fabulous fabrics... Gorgeous!


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