Thursday, November 8, 2007

Next projects

Strange, but I feel a bit relieved by the decision not to swap. Still, I want to go on making clothes that can be worn in more combinations.

Yesterday evening I took out the fabrics in my stash, without the real spring and summer fabrics, as I want to make clothes to wear in the coming months.

In my stash the colors navy, brown and black/grey are leading. No surprise to me. For a very long time I had navy as a basic color for most of my clothes, later black was added. More recently I started to use a lot of brown. My stash is not very large, if I compare it with the hundreds of meters I have seen others mention. It will not be more than 40-50 meters, which I still find a lot, half of it was bought in the past half year. Certainly has to do with restarting sewing for myself last year, what will my stash be in a year??

From my closet I took a few clothes I made in the past year, to match with fabrics.
Two Jalie tops (2682 and 2449), a white blouse from a Knip issue (don't remember which, it's a very basic blouse).
The blue, pinstriped trousers I made last week, the Knip skirt (October 2007) and grey pants made last year. These are the same as the pin-stripe pants.

To this I'm going to add a blouse (the fabric on the left) and a Jalie top in off-white (in the middle). Together with a rtw navy jacket this will give me a lot of combinations.

This is the blouse I planned. A very basic one again, but that's great for making combinations. I'll make it with visible buttons though.

Another picture from my closet/stash:

The pin-stripe navy pants again, BWOF 10-2007-115 brown pants are finished.

To add:
  • Denim skirt (as Summerset suggested when I made my Knip skirt, I will make the same skirt with contrasting topstitching)
  • the off-white is the same as above
  • T-shirt from the print on the left (pattern to decide)
  • On the right a woolen stretch. Still not sure whether to use the Jalie wrap top for this one, or make a cardigan of it. Any opinions on this?
That's 6 items to make in the coming weeks. And in the meantime still working on my Vogue jacket.


  1. I like the idea of a cardigan - it can be worn with a variety of tops a layer, either wovens or knits. I find cardigans extrememly useful because you can take them off or put them on as needed.

  2. You have a very workable "swap" happening there.
    This morning on a talk show the hostess had a cardigan on in a print type fabric that really caught my attention. If it was your fabric,it would have had a navy neckband, navy band down the front with contrasting buttons (white in the presenter's case) and navy lace around the bottom. As I was on the bike at gym, I thought, I could do that! So maybe a cardigan?

  3. Your new projects sound lovely, Sigrid. I agree that cardigans are just so handy. I wear my Onion bolero all the time. Well not all day (it depends where I am and what i'm doing from one hour to the next), but almost every day.

  4. I don't think everyone has to participate in the SWAP contest to apply the lessons of SWAP to their garment sewing and wardrobe. And if that's what you take away from it, then you have challenged yourself and moved your sewing in another direction which is great!

  5. This sounds like a good plan! I like your fabric selection!

  6. Very nice plan and beautiful colours.


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