Wednesday, November 28, 2007

It's about sewing

After two posts on making prints from the computer screen, back to the sewing projects. I got a lot done, though it's easy projects mostly.

First a shot of the buttons on my daughters coat. Tomorrow I'll finish this coat.

I made the Jalie twist top again, this time with long sleeves. The review for this is here.
Another Jalie set: the cardigan with t-shirt. That review here.

For my blog readers a few extra pictures. The cardigan with the twist top, and two details of the cardigan.
That's 3 of the 5 sewing projects I wrote about in my post of November 8 done. And a few more combinations in my closet. The gored skirt is cut, and still to decide on a pattern for a knit.

And I'm seriously thinking about what to do next. I want to do something that's new or a bit more difficult. Those quick projects are nice, but sometimes I want a bit more of a challenge, but just not sure which way it should go.

And do you remember I was working on Vogue 2987? It was given a veto over by my daughter: weird jacket and awful fabric. And as DH also wasn't very positive when he saw the result so far, I stopped, already some weeks ago. Maybe sometime in another fabric.


  1. I love the cardigans. I haven't made any in awhile 'cause I went a little crazy when I was making them and made so many of them! Don't you just love the versatility of them in your wardrobe!? I can see why you let the Vogue pattern go...

    And I can't wait to see your daughter's coat finished!

  2. I love the cardigan and the twist tops. The first jacket looks like it's going to be a winner too. Sorry about the Vogue jacket - sometimes you win some, sometimes you don't - oh well, it just means you have more time for projects that you'll ove.

  3. The coat is looking very promising!
    The cardigan and the twist top are lovely. You are so productive, Sigrid, kudos!

  4. The coat is really wonderful - I'm looking forward to seeing the whole thing. That's too bad about the Vogue jacket. I've had many things I thought were going to be really interesting looking turn out to be not so interesting in real life.

  5. I know I can only see the top of the coat but it looks pretty amazing, lucky daughter.

  6. Your daughter's coat looks awesome! And you've been busy, I can see that! I'm sorry about the Vogue jacket... I'm very fond of its stylelines so I hope you'll pick it up later using different fabric.


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