Thursday, November 22, 2007

Set completed

Happy thanksgiving to all those in the US celebrating this event. Here it is a day as any other.

I made two panties to go with the bra I made this weekend.

To those who would like to start making lingerie I like to refer to a few tutorials in earlier posts. In the side bar there are links to these tutorials.
And I'm sorry Carolyn, but though I'd very much like to spend a few sewing days with you (I could certainly learn quite a few things from you too!), the US is too far away.

This set is made from one of the packages that Kantje-Boord in Amsterdam sells. Only a few scraps left of both the lycra and the lace.

As I don't live too far away, I go there myself occasionally and find combinations of lace/lycra and notions that I like. But in the shop they also have the packages they sell through the internet, and I bought this package there some time ago, when I did not have enough time to browse through all their fabrics and laces.
Through the internet they sell only packages, no separate notions. The owner says he doesn't speak English very well, but he's very friendly and helpful. One package is 17,50 euro (and no, I don't have shares!)

A few other sources for lace/lycra/notions:

Merckwaerdigh: an e-bay store of a Dutch lady who sells her own patterns and some fabrics/notions (don't know her personally, but she is a reliable vendor)

Two in Germany that I have experience with:

- Exclusive Stoffe, look for the heading "Alles für Dessous"

- Elingeria

Apologies to my non-European readers, I don't have experience outside Europe, except EmmaOneSock and GorgeousFabrics, but they do not sell lingerie lace or lycra. There certainly are other online shops in Europe and elsewhere, but I have no experience with them.

And Tany, thanks for the attention to the vintage pattern, the BWOF picture really doesn't do it justice. It's great, and I can see myself making that in spring (for now I want something with long sleeves, it's cold here)


  1. Gorgeous, Sigrid, absolutely gorgeous!
    And thanks for the links, especially the one to Elingeria, I think I'll be ordering from them really soon

  2. about I come to you! *LOL* Can I ship my stuff ahead of time so that it will be waiting when I get there! :)

    The panties are great. Maybe when I retire I will have enough time to sew all that I want to make!

  3. Great looking panties, Sigrid! Thank you for the links and specially the tutorials (sewing knowledge is always welcome!). Browsing through the December BWOF my interest was also caught by the black/yellow jacket; I could see myself making it from the black&white large plaid I received from Julie (though the fabric isn't enough, but I could make the side panels and the back sleeve pannels out of black fabric...).


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