Wednesday, February 4, 2009

One project at a time?

Not for me at the moment. One of my goals of keeping a blog was not having too much projects at a time, and in general that was quite succesfull the past year and a half. But now I'm doing (too) many things at once, and I don't even have a lot of time for sewing right now. Next week will be better I hope.

What am I doing?

The BWOF january blouse: I've taken the pocket off, most of you didn't think it was good (but I liked to read the few reactions with other opinions too!) and asking the question was probably seeking confirmation of something I didn't quite like myself. The topstitching of the collar stand to be done, the buttonholes on the placket and sewing on 14 buttons. Must be done tomorrow. Not more than an hour of work.

BWOF February blouse (104): traced the pattern, did an FBA and washed the fabric I bought for it.

Skirt for DD: a Patrones pattern for a high waist pencil skirt. She has done the main work herself, including cutting and sewing a muslin, but I recommended boning for the waist and she's not up to that yet. And I promised to do the lining.

Lingerie set: I changed my bra pattern in December as I found that the pattern I always used didn't fit as before. Now I "must" sew a couple of new sets. The bra isn't the problem, the accompanying panties are, cut but not sewn yet. Might be strange, but I prefer sewing the bra. And now I'm listing things: there's one for DD in a basket for months now.

And last but not least: I cut the pattern and outer fabric for the Amy Butler weekender bag.

Cidell wrote about the bag and the handbag contest on PR. It reminded me of the fact that I do have the pattern more than a year now, bought all I needed but never started this project. The contest might be a good incentive to get it done. There's only a little difficulty: I'm sewing with a fabric which looks like leather. Though I really love to see all variations in fabric it's just not my style. I like bags of leather or look-like leather for myself. On the picture you can see the purple outside and grey (knit) inside of the fabric. I was a bit short on fabric, as I originally intended this for the Sophia bag, which is smaller. Wondering whether I will get all piping done from this or have to search for something else, which would be difficult.

Don't know whether this bag is going to work at all, I'll keep you posted. And for the rest: a lot of other ideas in my head and fabrics washed and ready to go. But if I'm realistic and see what I've done last month, finishing all the above projects will keep me busy for some time. I must not start other things any more. (saying this very loud to myself now!)


  1. Leather! What a brilliant idea. FYI, there is a lot of fabric wastage in the Weekender. I went with a single fold layout for the lining and have a remarkable amount left over. Not that I'm quite done cutting. I think I'm going to suck it up and put in a zipper pocket on one side and try to do a sectional pocket on the other for cell phone, keys, lipstick.

  2. I'm mostly one project at a time because I get too distracted if I try more than one! Right now I have two shirts going. It's interesting.

  3. Lots of projects. I like the purple fabric for the bag. I have some very similar blue/aqua fabric in the stash.