Friday, February 13, 2009


Blouse/jacket no. 102 of February BWOF is one of the projects I want to make. Reading the instructions, I saw that this jacket is the short version of dress no. 101. A bit strange, as the ease in a jacket is usually more than in a dress?

Probably jacket 102 is more the kind of jacket to be worn as a blouse, at least, that's how I would wear it. But in construction it's more described as a jacket, and lining is used for the jacket/blouse, but not for the dress.

If I were to make this jacket/blouse from a blouse quality linen, would you use lining? I usually don't line my blouses, but would I have to do it on this pattern?

Your ideas and thoughts are very  much appreciated.


  1. Gosh, good question. Don't have an answer for you, but I liked that jacket also, and am interested in what your other "commenters" have to say. I like a LOT of the things in this issue, maybe I'll finally justify my BWOF subscription!
    Off to re-check out your post about fabric manipulation (I think that's what you called it)

  2. Took awhile, but I finally found it. You called it origami. I'm seeing alot of this lately(maybe we're behind the times here out west, or maybe I wasn't paying attention), and youngest dd recently bought a top with a similar technique recently. Thanks for the tutorial!

  3. Hi Sigrid,

    I'm planning on making this too, also in a navy blue linen. I was going to line it to cut down on wrinkling. Something light, like a batiste I think.

  4. Hey Sigrid,
    I'd only line it for modesty's sake, (if it's see thru against sun), it has the belt, so I think they meant it to be halfway, partly jacket/blouse, silk organza might be nice one for the lining too, it prolly would make it look more like a jacket.... jsut thinking I've been wondering that ease thing too, they are doing these jacket/dress/blouse combo's every once in a while.

  5. Good question. They do this sometimes, and my guess is the same that you'd wear it without a top under neath. I think that lining it would give it a more jacket feel Honestly, just do what you want. If it were a light color I think that a lining would make it more opaque.

  6. How would you plan to finish the inside seams? It might be easier to line than seam finishing. I am not sure what I would do so will be interested to see which way you go.

  7. I really like this jacket (or blouse!) pattern too. Personally I would line it because I find that easier than making all the seams neat on the inside on a jacket and I know I would wear it more as a jacket than a blouse. But either way will definitely work.

  8. There is no doubt that I would line it in linen, particularly if it is 100% linen. I'd underline it, too, with fusible interfacing. My feeling is that if I didn't do these things, I'd end up looking like a wrinkly blog. My thoughts are based on linen fabric though. There would still be wrinkles, but I think it would still be better lined and underlined.

  9. Clarification--I'd line the linen with a lining fabric. My post made it sound like I'd line it in the same fabric.

  10. I think this is completely up to you. Personally I would not line it in your case if you are going for more of a blouse-like appearance. I regularly inspect the interiors of designer RTW garments and linings are no longer mandatory, just a nice seam finish. Whatever you think is best. I am glad you are making this because I want to make it too.

  11. This jacket/blouse looks designed for you!
    Personally, I wouldn't line it if I was using cotton (which would be my choice of fabric), but would probably line it if was planning on using linen, like you are.
    I know you will do a great job with this, and it will look great on you!

  12. Wow, I love that pattern. Can you buy Burda WOF at the newstand, or d you have to subscribe?

  13. I'm making this too with silk noil, and I'm lining it. I thought about skipping the lining, but I like the nice neat look on the inside that the lining gives.

  14. Hi Sigrid,
    Just thought I'd add my 5c worth! I really like both these garments and didn't realise they were from the same pattern. Bit of a surprise!
    The only thought I have is that recently I bought some gorgeous linen to make a Vogue dress, and asked in the dress shop if/what I should line it with. The lady suggested cotton batiste as this is very light and more breathable for a summer garment. I know some people wouldn't bother but I think it gives a nice finish.
    Tot siens!

  15. Those are lovely jacket, which I could do BWOF.... How do you determine your size in BWOF magazine? I have never tried it before as I am beginner sewist.
    Bust- 39
    waist- 34
    hips 44.5.
    Thanks and have a lovely weekend


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