Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Not my weekender bag, though I'm certainly trying again in the next few days. I learned something new too: needle lube, as suggested by Kat. I didn't know something like that existed. How would that work? Would you occassionaly drop it on the needle? This will not be the first thing to try, but a new/other type needle might work.

And before I start working on February BWOF patterns (thanks for all your input on that too!), I had to finish a few other things that were started. Just felt I had to do this, and apart from the weekender bag there's only one UFO left (and will remain an UFO a bit longer).

The center is the Patrones skirt I made together with my daughter. It's a high waist pencil skirt from the 272 issue. I'll write a review when I have some proper pictures. The ling erie sets were only in need of matching panties.

imageAnd the jacket... this was started in 2006! It's vogue 2896, a now out of print Anne Klein pattern (she must be my favorite Vogue designer, I have 3 patterns for jackets from her). I think it's the pattern through which I discovered Pattern Review in November 2006.

That summer I bought this pattern and together with two American sewing books, it made me start sewing more for myself. I did finish it, but omitted the belt openings. I did make them, but it didn't suit me, and I closed the opening again.

I finished the jacket, it was in my closet and I didn't wear it. After some time I wondered why that was. And found out that the reason was that I was not satisfied with the sleeves. There were slight puckers which gave it a home-made look, while the rest is quite good and the fabric is high quality wool. I remember spending a lot of time on this jacket.

Well, it took me a very long time to actually do this, but this week I opened part of the lining, took out the top of the sleeves and sewed them in correctly, adding sleeve heads too. Now I must look for a way to make it look less formal.


  1. Hi Sigrid,

    Your blog is great and your lingerie fantastic. I'm starting with panties first and was wondering if you had a pattern for these (they are so lovely with the lace sides). I've been experimenting with drafting a pattern, but not quite there yet. Thanks S

  2. Oh my goodness! Everything looks beautiful. The lingerie is exquisite. I must try it.

  3. Oh, you must feel great finishing up all those little things. All those small pieces are just lovely. Taking a break from the bag was a good idea!

  4. Your lingerie is exquisite, which I have said before, but it needs saying again. Just gorgeous.
    I am looking forward to your review of the Patrones skirt, as I actually have that on my list, at least I think that that's the one.
    The jacket looks fabulous too. Those pesky little details are so annoying you must feel great to have finished them all up.

  5. I love Anne Klein too and have a few of her jacket patterns. Yet to make any of them up yet however..

    Love your jacket and it is just the type of thing I need for work. Well done on getting all the UFO's (except one) done :)

  6. As usual, your lingerie is stunning! With lingerie like that, who needs clothes LOL. Sigrid, have you ever thought of teaching a lingerie class at PR? I'm sure many of us would be interested in taking it. First the panty class, then the bra class. I don't really sew these fine fabrics much at all, but think maybe panties would be a little easier.

    If you ever try the needle lube, let me know. It's something I'd like to add to my stash for those just-in-case moments. I'm planning to go to JoAnn's during the next 2 months (coupon in hand), maybe they'll have it there. Or else it will be an online purchase. I saw in discussed/advertised in Threads right after I finished a nightmare wadder many months ago. Sure wish I would have seen it/tried it at the start of the nightmare!

  7. Sigrid,

    I found this link:

  8. Wow, you have been very busy, everything looks beautiful.

  9. I have that Anne Klein pattern too and I hope to make it for spring. I just love the shape of that jacket!

  10. Sigrid .- I love this jacket. I too am an admirer of Anne Klein models, as they are timeless and always fashionable.

    greetings, Paco