Monday, February 23, 2009


I was planning to write a post "what is not included in the bwof instructions" based on pictures I made for the pocket. But I'll write that one later this week. Just too tired.

In the picture you can see what color I'm using. It's a deep red linen, and I decided to line it. I also interfaced the complete front pattern pieces and part of the back.

For the topstitching I use a darker red. The topstitching is a feature of this jacket and the darker color makes it more distinct. Unfortunately it also shows each unevenness, as in the left of the picture. I might take it out and redo it.

In January I posted about the problem of the zipper foot of my Bernina machine.

Kay Y (who doesn't blog, but writes great reviews of the beautiful clothes she makes on PR) and someone in a private mail advised me to buy a low shank adapter. With that tool I could use generic feet.

I followed the advise and bought the adapter and zipper foot on Ebay from this supplier. It was a very good experience in communication, and shipping costs for Europe were very reasonable. I had thought to use this for the piping in the weekender bag, but as you know, I omitted that. (And Belinda, yes, my hands were hurting from the pins after making the bag, and DD asked why we had so many bent pins!)

Now I can use my Bernina too when I want to have a more free needle.


  1. That is really a good idea to write about what's not in the instructions. In fact, that would be a great addition to the PR template for pattern reviews.

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  3. I think you and I have the same machine (Bernina Aurora 430). I'm going to put the low shank adapter and generic zipper foot on my wish list.

  4. Model BURDA is great and with this color ... I am sure the end result will be fantastic.

    see you soon, Paco

  5. I have a different model Bernina sewing machine with the same issues. I ordered the low shank adapter and generic zipper foot they work like a charm. Thank you so much for sharing what worked for you. This has opened a whole new world of presser feet for me.

    CarlaF-in Atlanta, Georgia