Saturday, February 7, 2009

How to eat an elephant

No, I'm not writing a post about strange food. This is a phrase I was thinking of several times after I listed all the projects I'm currently working on. In the late eighties I worked for an American company and the management course of the day was a time management course. There this phrase was the starting point and I remember the diaries even had a tab with a white elephant on it (my boss did the course, not me).

The solution was (if I remember well): in little pieces. And with my long list of active projects and projects in mind, that is what I thought I would do, little pieces and one step at a time. I finished my blouse first. The full review is on PR, but you know most of it already. Difficult fabric and the end result is not quite what I prefer. I'll wear this blouse, but won't make any blouse with dropped shoulders anymore. Just not good on me, my shoulders are small, this might be a reason.


The wrinkles in the pants are the result of a long day behind my desk.  And I forgot to have pictures taken with the blouse tucked in, which is how I'll probably wear it.

Off to the gym and later this weekend to the next little step.


  1. Sometimes things work out and you love the garment and sometimes it's just ehh. I would have to agree with you about dropped shoulders and narrow shoulders. I stopped wearing them awhile ago when I realized they just don't flatter my very narrow shoulders. As the cliche goes, live and learn. I like the stripes though, and the horizontal band is a nice touch. On to the next project. Do you actually sew on more than one at a time, or just have them ready to sew?

  2. I think the stripes magnify the dropped shoulders too. But still, a nice shirt.

  3. Dropped shoulder garments are casual, somewhat loose garments, but they should not be too big. This top looks too big because of the shaping. The designer tried to put dropped shoulders on a garment that is intended to be shaped and more fitted in the torso. Wrong. This is just not going to work on anybody.

  4. Hmm. I have to agree with the others regarding the dropped shoulders. I don't wear them either, as that style is just too big for me. That said, you've done a lovely job with the blouse, it turned out well.

  5. It's too bad you don't like the style because the workmanship is gorgeous, as usual! I wish I had your precision and patience.

  6. I'm sorry to know that the dropped shoulder feature didn't work for you as expected; I really do love the blouse and you did a fantastic job matching those stripes.

    I hear you on the "How to eat an elephant" issue... I feel that I have too much to do too and unfortunately not enough time...

  7. I couldn't tell by the photo that it's not your favorite style, nor that the fabric wasn't a fave. I remember making the dropped shoulder style like this in the '80s, but the blouses back then had some amazing design details like angled button plackets on the front, hidden plackets, fancy neck treatments, etc. I think this made the dropped shoulder look a little different and not a focal point (smallish shoulders here too) with all the other design features that were going on. I agree with Vicki, still a nice shirt!


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