Tuesday, February 5, 2008

knock-off jacket (2)

The first picture is the jacket I want to make for the PR knock-off contest, as I posted earlier. BWOF 11-2006-103 is the jacket I took as starting point. This mainly because of the collar and the puffed sleeve. Otherwise this jacket has not much similarities with the jacket I want to make. After making a muslin this weekend (I'll post a picture later of DD with muslin)I adapted the pattern further.
There was a moment that I regretted my promise, as this was no easy task.
For the sleeves I looked at Vogue pattern 2896, which has the same cuff.

Tonight I sewed the back and part of the collar. The edges have binding, which I haven't often done, as


  1. Looking very good - you're going to have a gorgeous jacket when you're finished!

  2. Instead of the binding you could do topstitching. I think it would pass...unless you really want the challenge!

  3. Leuk!
    Maarre, waarom niet meer in het Nederlands?

  4. Sigrid, with your skills, talent, patience and imagination, I am sure this is going to turn out wonderfully. I am in awe of your creativity and abilities!

    (I had a wonderful time in Amsterdam! Tot ziens!)

  5. wow all those pintucks are going to be a challenge, too! Looking good so far, though...

  6. You named it that's a challenge. I'm sure you'll manage though ;o)it already looks good.

  7. Your shirt is going to be so stylish. Can't wait to see it completed.


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