Friday, February 8, 2008

Bad start to the weekend

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Most of you will know that I like sewing lingerie. But there were no immediate plans to sew lingerie the next month or two, as I have so many other plans and a drawer full of nice sets. But I gave myself some excuse this afternoon to go to the stores to buy new fabrics and sew new things! This is good and bad.
What happened? I do have quite a drawer full of lingerie. I hate washing by hand, so I always wash in the delicate program in my washing machine, with my bra's in separate bags to prevent damage to my machine. And I'm careful to separate white and very light colours from the darker colours. Yesterday I had put a dark blue ribcord fabric in the washing machine, then the phone rang, .....I forgot about it and it was not washed.
This afternoon I put all my white and light coloured lingerie in the machine, NOT NOTICING the blue fabric, that was never washed before. Can you imagine how the lingerie came out?
I really could cry, there were a few items that were old and to be changed for something new soon. But there were also a few new, very nice things in it that I love to wear... Lost at least 4 bra's with accompanying panties, 2 white camisoles and 2 sets from my daughter. Very bad start to the weekend.

Een aantal van jullie weet dat ik graag lingerie naai. Maar ik was voorlopig niet van plan wat te naaien, omdat ik zoveel andere plannen heb en een la vol met leuke setjes. Maar vanmiddag heb ik mezelf een excuus gegeven om nieuwe stof te kopen en nieuwe lingerie te naaien. Dat is leuk en niet leuk.
Wat is er gebeurd? Ik heb een la vol met lingerie. En omdat ik een hekel heb aan handwas, was ik alles op het wolwasprogramma van mijn wasmachine, met de bh's in aparte waszakjes.
Maar .....gisteren heb ik een donkerblauwe ribcord in de machine gedaan, maar niet gewassen. De telefoon ging en ik vergat 't.
Vanmiddag heb ik vanmiddag al mijn witte en lichte lingerie in de machine gedaan, en de blauwe ribcord niet meer opgemerkt. Kun je je voorstellen hoe de lingerie eruit zag na het wassen?
Ik kon echt janken, er zaten een paar oude dingen bij die ik binnenkort toch wilde vervangen, maar ook veel dingen die ik graag draag en nog heel mooi waren... Zeer zeker verloren zijn 4 bh's met bijpassende slips, 2 witte hemdjes en2 sets van m'n dochter. Een zeer slechte start van het weekend.


  1. Oh I'm sorry for you Sigrid. I can relate as I'm not fond of handwashing either... I hope the week end will bring you some nicer surprises.

  2. Oh, I feel really sorry for you!

    Have you tried to get the colour out of your lingerie? There is a special product from Braun-Heitmanns for exactely that case. I've never used it so far, but my mother had good results with it. (Not always, it's a bit unpredictable... but if there is nothing to loose...)

    Some of my friends say, that "vanish" (Brand name in Germany) also works well.

  3. So sorry to hear that. Treat yourself to a nice dessert to help you get over it :)

  4. That's awful! I'm so sorry. In high school, I accidently left my silk blouse, one of the first things I ever made that really looked good, out in the rain on the clothes line. The yellow rain stains never came out. I'm not over it yet....

  5. Oh No! Maybe the new purchases were providential - you didn't know you'd be needing them so soon.

  6. Ohhhh. That is bad. Very bad.

    See if these references help:

    Good luck!

  7. Sigrid, Simplicol makes a 'Farb-entferner' which is very good.
    Very good too is 'colour run remover' from Dylon. You could probably access the Dylon product via the UK as it is a UK product, I believe.
    Simplicol you should be able to get in your local supermarket. Their dyes are very good too btw.

  8. I am soooooo sorry to hear that but on the good side at least you can make more beautiful things!

  9. When I was still living at home my Mother forgot something dark green in the Mashine before washing the white stuff. I was not willing to give up my most beloved white bra. So I bought blue simpicol and changed its colour. Of course the Lace took in more colour then the Rest, but it still looked very nice. Try to change the coulour of your lingerie before you throw it away!

  10. Oh no that is really sad!!!!!

    I did that once with my DD's brand new school uniforms. I had something brown in and the uniforms took up the colour. I then used one of those products that is meant to take the dye out - well it did....and the colour of the uniforms!!!

    Maybe you could redye some other colour?

  11. Oooh, how unfortunate! I hope your able to salvage those pieces with Julia's and the anonymous person's suggestion.

  12. OOOh dear Sigrid, what a terrible thing! I know it happened to me before and I remember how awful it was.... Vanish (the liquid one) did help with some of the garments, others were beyond salvation

  13. I'm so sorry to hear about your washing disaster. I HATE when something like that happens.


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