Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Couture exhibition

Wow, I'm going to London in December. With a good friend I made plans to visit the Henry Moore exihibition at Kew gardens (hope the wheather is reasonable) and the plans are final now. It's only two days, but it's so special.
The other reason to visit London now is the couture exhibition in the Victoria and Albert museum.
So looking forward to this.

The sewing of my shirt gave me a headache and a very low sewing spirit. On Pattern review there was only 1 review of this BWOF shirt by Sew-4-fun. She mentioned the great amount of sleeve-ease. But I was stubborn and didn't change it. Lesson learned: listen to reviewers with more experience than myself.

I did manage to get the sleeve in without puckers, but in the end there was too much fabric in the front, giving a strange "puff". Yesterday evening I took out both sleeves. They were already topstitched, but it only took me a little over an hour to take them out, take a bit off the top and sew again. Much better.

Then I took off the (second) collar and made a third one. This one still has to be finished, but looks more promising then the other two. And I thought a shirt like this would be ready in one weekend!


  1. Ah shirts. Another item I have avoided! Yours is looking good. The sleeve set in looks perfect.

  2. I certainly know how it feels to rip things out! I do plenty of it, believe or not. I forgot to mention it on the last post, but I trim off the interfacing on collars to make them less bulky, too.

    I am very jealous of you getting to go to the V&A exhibit!

  3. The shirt is looking already very good. Told you you shouldn't despair... :) I'm sure that London will be thrilling, I'm so glad for you.
    And I do thank you for giving me yet another sewing addiction. I love it!

  4. I'm green with envy!! I've never visited London and it's one of the cities I know I would love to visit!


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