Saturday, November 24, 2007

Coat almost finished

My daughters coat is not difficult to make. I expected to need more time, but it is almost finished now (Saturday night at almost 11 pm, and today there was a lot of shopping and cleaning to be done too!). The instructions are pretty clear, only a less experience sewer might be confused by the instruction "to make pleats as in picture".
The only thing I did different is the insertion of the sleeve. After pressing the sleeve seams to the body and topstitching the first sleeve as instructed on the body, I found that the sleeve had lost something (don't know how to describe this well in English). I removed the topstitching and pressed the seams to the sleeves and added a sleeve head. Much better.

For the gathering on the skirt the instructions tell you to stitch two rows of straight stitches and gather by pulling the thread. A classic way that certainly will work, but I made my life a bit easier here and used wide lingerie elastic. Color unimportant, it will be hidden.
Measured at the necessary distance and then stretched to the fabric. I used a triple zigzag to sew it on. The second picture shows the inside. You see the extra few centimeters that were lacking in the grey fabric. Initially I lengthened the lining, but that was not working, thus I added a strip of fabric to the skirt.

Still to be done:
  • line the sleeves (it is a separate step in the instructions after inserting the body lining, and I left it like that, because my daughter has to try first to determine the length of the sleeves)
  • handstitch the body lining to the skirt
  • make buttonholes, that is difficult, as my sewing foot for buttonholes can't deal with the very large buttons that will be on the coat. Must make them step by step myself and make sure they have the same length. Pity, my sewing machine makes such beautiful automatic buttonholes with the appropriate foot.
I hope to do this tomorrow evening, but not so sure that will happen. Tomorrow there's two windows


  1. Great idea, using the lingerie elasic to do the gathering!

    Hugs from Portugal, Sigrid!

  2. Wow! You did get a lot done...and I like the lingerie elastic idea for gathering...I will have to remember that!

  3. This coat looks really nice, good luck with the buttons hole.

  4. what fabric is that?


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