Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Capture a picture from a website

In yesterday's post I said I would describe a way of making a picture from a (part of) a website. Cidell mentioned in the comments she would like a system like that, only she's working on a Mac, and I'm sure there will be more Mac-users among you. Probably the Mac will have similar features, but I'm not familiar with them. But when there's a PrintScreen button and a basic picture editor like Windows Paint, you can do the same.

Here's the description for the Windows environment (screenshots in Dutch version of Paint):

  • Open the webpage needed with picture or line drawing
  • Press the PrintScreen button (Alt + PrintScreen will only capture active window, try the difference)
  • Open a new file in Paint
  • Paste (Ctrl + V or Edit, Paste)
    The screenshot is now a Paint image
  • Click the Select button

  • Drag around the part of the screen you want as a picture

  • Copy selected area (Ctrl + C or Edit, Copy)
  • Choose File, New from the menu, you don't have to save current picture
  • Paste (Ctrl + V or Edit, Paste)
    The selected are is now a picture on its own.
  • Choose File, Save as
  • Select appropriate folder where you want to save the picture
  • Type name of file/picture (I use year/month/number of the Burda issue)

  • Select JPEG(*jpg...) as File Type (I use this format as it can be used easily later to upload for a review or in my blog, but you may choose another format if you like)
  • Click Save
    The picture is saved.
When you select the folder in Explorer and show miniatures, the images will be clearly visible as I showed in yesterday's post.
Hope this is helpful.

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  1. Cidell (and everyone), Macs have a built-in program called Grab that does screen captures. Look in the Utilities folder in Applications.


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