Thursday, June 2, 2016

A very tiny dart



One of the projects I’m working on is a new lingerie set. I wanted the scallop edge of the lace on the bottom edge. However, the bottom edge of the pattern is curved. I have posted how I do this before, but it’s many years ago (blogging for over nine years now!). So not too bad to post about it again.

This is the pattern piece, including seam allowances (a bit irregular as I traced this on sturdier paper for the pictures).


If you want to use the scallop edge at the bottom, the seam allowance must be removed.


Position the center front where you want it. I always use a deep point of the scallop. Also keep in mind how the center front will look like when sewn together. At the center it’s deciding where to have a little extra, imagine a straight line till the bottom of the curve of the pattern.


I clip the pattern to the edge and leave just a hinge. The right part is then moved down to meet the scallop edge, creating a tiny dart. That dart is marked and sewn, resulting in what you see in the first picture. After the cups and channelling are inserted, the dart will hardly be visible.


In another post: how to add the elastic to the bottom edge when using this construction.


  1. So smart! Thanks for this great tip.

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