Monday, June 13, 2016

Finished bra

A nice finish is in the details.
Can you see the dart in the band? Probably because you know it’s there.
The pattern is the Isabelle from Sewy again, using a non-elastic lace (last time I used a lace with some stretch). Because of the non-eIastic lace I added a little to the upper cup pattern piece and even made a left and right pattern piece because of a small size difference. This is not really an issue when I use lace with some stretch, but in non stretch lace it’s obvious, resulting in a little ‘overflowing”. You get my drift I presume. It’s a problem I have with a couple of previously made bras too, so obviously something has changed and I have to adapt my patterns.
This bra is wearable, but I want to make it again with a few changes as I’m not completely satisfied. The added space is not quite enough and I think it would be good if the center front is a bit higher. I bought a couple of different wire sizes to experiment with. Difficult to show as for obvious reasons I don’t want to share pictures of the fitting issues on the blog.
A project for the near future, first a couple of other projects to finish.


  1. Well it certainly is very pretty!

  2. Now, see, that's the problem with sewing a bra! Achieving the perfect fit and support! I know you will conquer it and, meanwhile, that one is a beauty!

  3. I understand what the problem is, but still it looks pretty amazing to me. It's so wonderful you can make this beautiful lingerie yourself!

  4. Hoewel je zelf niet helemaal tevreden bent met het uiteindelijke resultaat is het een prachtige beha. That grey lace - stunning!!

  5. Beautiful, Sigrid! I enjoyed all your posts on this project.