Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Bias strips on lapel and pocket

My jacket is almost finished. A little bit of work on the lining, buttonholes and buttons and then it’s ready. Before posting about the finished jacket below the way I made the bias strips of fabric on the lapel and the welt pockets. Photographed on scraps, while I was doing it on the jacket I forgot those.


First the bias strip was ironed with a bias tape maker. As the fabric is a linen and cotton mix it is easy to iron.

Then I took the SA curve ruler and placed that on the edge of the pattern piece. All strips were sewn before further construction of the lapel or welt. The bias strips I placed to the inside edge of the ruler and in this way the distance was even everywhere. My seam allowances are 1 cm (3/8”) and in this way half a centimeter remained between seam line and bias tape.

I used a special adhesive pen I recently found in a notions store (website here).


But still used some pins too.


The final step was topstitching using the blindstitch foot and upholstery thread  which is a bit thicker than normal thread.


  1. This is looking so stylish - your bias strip is beautifully executed. Looking forward to seeing it all finished...J

  2. A beautiful and unusual detail, Sigrid!

  3. Great detail. I am looking forward to seeing the finished jacket.

  4. Ik ben gek op details, ze maken het jasje net meer eigen. Ben erg benieuwd hoe het definitieve plaatje eruit ziet.

  5. Beautiful detail! That glue pen looks interesting too.

  6. Beautiful. Your use of all these notins is enlightening.

  7. Interesting detail and thank you for showing it.

  8. Love this. I have one of these bias tape makers but haven't mastered it. Must reread instructions!

  9. Found Great Notes at your Blog......!!

    lapel pins


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