Monday, July 8, 2013

Jacket cut and set sewn


Tonight I’ve cut my jacket. I have just enough fabric. It’s a remnant piece of cotton/linen that I bought last year. Initially I thought I did not have enough, but repositioning the pattern pieces on the fabric solved that. Nothing may go wrong. There is just a bit left for the welt pockets and some strips along the lapel collar and on top of the welt. Whether that will be working is doubtful, as I have to sew a few pieces together to get enough length. If the seam is too visible I’ll have to change my plan and either buy a ribbon trim or not use any.

In between I’ve sewn this set. This time I used a Merckwaerdigh kit. It’s a bit different than my usual sets, I quite like it. It’s very comfortable.


  1. Love the new bra set pretty - I should make another bra soon. Glad you had enough fabric for the jacket is it grey? Will you line it?

  2. That is a very unusual bra kit. So nice to make such a variety of bras.

  3. I hope you don't need any more scraps of fabric! And love your new set. Very fresh looking.