Saturday, July 6, 2013

SA ruler–coupon code

In my post from today on the muslin of my jacket, I showed that I made the seam allowances with the SA rulers from Claire.
I got the 3/8 and 5/8 ruler to review and I’m so happy with them. It made adding seam allowances to my jacket pattern pieces very, very easy. I see a lot of ways of using them. I do have French curve rulers, but these rulers combine the french curves with the ease of adding seam allowances at the same time. Also tracing a pattern from Burda or Ottobre is easy. Claire shows that in a video as well.

Below the 5/8 ruler used on a Burda sheet.
Not all curves/lines can be drawin in one pass, just move the ruler a bit and you have the right piece of the curve again (or a straight line).

If you’ve read my blog for a longer period, you might know I’m not a great fan of the 5/8 default seam allowances, because I miss my reference of the size of the actual pattern piece (being European and grown up with Burda and Knip Mode has to do with this I think).
This makes it a matter of seconds to add the actual seam lines.

And I’ve used the 3/8 ruler for tracing a bra patter. The 1/4”inch line is a good seam allowance for this kind of sewing.
As said, I’ve received these from Claire for reviewing, but I wouldn’t be as positive as I am if I was not happy with them. She has some other nice gadgets too and is working on metric rulers.
If you would like some as well she has a discount code for my readers: use SIGRID20 (valid till July 31 2013) in her shop for a 20% discount. That’s a nice discount isn’t it?


  1. they look really handy so have ordered the 5/8 set and also got the shirt and pocket maker too as I have heard good things about that too.

    thanks for the link and the coupon (thanks Claire)

  2. Thanks for sharing this tool. I will check it - it would be much easier to reduce or add seam allowancess with it. Wonderful!

  3. I do covet these as i like to add seam allowances after alteration, but I think I might wait for the metric version - I'm slowly learning these fractions of inches, but I can't be the only one who wishes the US would go metric!

  4. How clever are these - thanks for the review! Australia is also a metric user, so I will have to wait for the metric versions...J

  5. I feel an early Christmas present coming on!

    So many times I have wished I had a ruler for JUST the seam allowance. Thanks for letting us know about this, Sigrid.

  6. This is a dream come true. I normally use my tape measure but it is not rigid. I've just ordered one.

  7. Well, 5/8" is very much the same as 1.5 cm when talking about seam allowances, right? I don´t have to weit for the metric version, as all european patterns work with 1.5 cm. ;-)

  8. sewalife: you're right 5/8 is 1.5 cm, 3/8 is 1 centimeter. I use the metric system and work wit these rulers easily. It might just be a bit easier when the ruler is in a system you're (more) used to. But no need to wait when you're happy working with these measurements

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