Monday, November 8, 2010

Cowl neck top – snoop shopping

Snoop shopping on the internet I found this top. The brand is Robbi & Nikki and I simply love the style, the color is a lovely grey, but the price is a bit high at $175. I must remember this one for spring/summer, this is too cold now and needs to be worn on its own. Or perhaps I should add sleeves.




  1. Thanks so much for sharing your snoop shopping as well. These knit tops are so inspiring.

  2. Thanks for the closeup of the lace
    detail. Had I not seen it, I'm sure
    I would have assumed it was done by
    some magical ready-to-wear fabric
    manufacturing method. It's a
    beautiful color.

  3. This is absolutely gorgeous. Can't wait to see your copy.

  4. I like this cowl drape, in fact i fell in love with it when i first saw it on little girl's dress and decided to knock-off for my Darling Daughter.

    Made her a satin gown in which i have added this cowl drape using draping technique, i had earlier pattern drafted cowl neck and this was my first attempt at draping cowl.
    For those interested check it out here

    It is one of my 9 new dresses for my DD for Navarathri, a 9 day festival in India

  5. Oh I'm shocked! Maybe E5 and half an hour :-).. Really, you won't be able to tell the difference..

  6. Beautiful cowl drape and I love the touch of lace. Thank you for the inspiration!

  7. gorgeous blouse! I'm interested in your lingerie sewalong - could you contact me

  8. I really like this top. Although, for me I would like to see it have a little longer cap style or even a 3/4 sleeve. It would be great to wear under sweaters and jackets for fall, don't you think?

  9. Oh and I really like that the drapes of the cowl start out as pleats at the shoulder. Would make it fall more consistently wouldn't it.

  10. Dorothy, thank you for bringing this old post/idea back to my mind. It would really be lovely with sleeves and I should try it. Though wearing it under a jacjet might be too much for the collar. It would depend on the neckline of the jacket.


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