Saturday, November 28, 2009


I made a few tops the past days. One evening I traced the patterns, the next evening I cut them all and then I threaded all machines with black thread, put in new needles and started sewing in a few sessions. The result:

Jalie 2805 in two versions

Basic black top with V-neckline



With overlapped V-neckline (buttons not yet on, must have some good ones somewhere, just can’t find them)



BurdaStyle 01-2009-110


A bit more detailed in the lighter picture below


And earlier this week I made the New look cardigan. The buttons reflect the light different. They really are purple. It’s difficult to take good pictures right now, it’s dark so early.



Looks like easy pieces, don’t you think? The Jalie tops and the cardigan were, but my seam ripper did come in action for the Burdastyle top (nothing to do with BWOF, my fault)!

I started using decorative elastic at the edge. It gave puckers with topstitching and I was not too happy with the result in general, too much pajama-look. That was the point I picked up the seam ripper, took half the top apart, just cut off the elastic and gave it the neckband as shown above. Now it’s great, I tried it on and DD said it looked like I just bought it from a special store. Quite a compliment.


The black fabric was from an online store that I can highly recommend to my Dutch readers if you’re looking for quality fabrics: JerseyFashion. I bought two meters, it’s 1.60 wide, not cheap, but very good quality. I managed to get two tops from this, what in the end wasn’t even that expensive for two tops. They also sell the red/white/black fabric, which I bought earlier elsewhere. Different structure, but also very nice quality.

Next: Finishing the wrap top and one other top from this series and then back to the pants. I keep postponing.


  1. Love all your tops. It seems like a great way to make up a few tops at once. Great time management :)

  2. Love the production line mentality. I sometimes do it myself. Well done and the tops look great.

  3. Very nice wardrobe additions. I love your Burda top!

  4. Very nice! How did you attach the collar of your purple cardigan? It looks flawless and very RTW!

  5. Love all the tops! How's the shoulder line of the NL cardi? I was going to make it but from the pattern pic it looks like a drop shoulder but from you purple one not so much.

  6. Wow, you have been busy and your tops are fantastic.

  7. The Burda top is my favorite. Do you plan to start your own store, with this productionrate :-)

  8. Smart woman! Production sewing is the best for this type of sewing. I love all your tops. I love that Burda top and tried to alter it with an fba. Not so good. Debbie Cook recently posted a cheat for making an fba on knits that I have to try on that top. It's just fabulous.

  9. Just recently bought some Nooteboom knit fabrics and seeing your tops made in just a few days, gets me all inspired to do so too.

  10. Sigrid, you've been very productive: vow! And they all look great. Specially like the structured BWOF top.

    -- thanks for looking at the code on my blog: I deleted the coutner gadget, problem in ie still persists. Will keep editing old posts (<>fun). Thank you!!!

  11. Dear Sigrid,

    Very nice tops!

    Thank You also for the dutch website - probably going to use it.
    Any more interesting dutch sites?

    For Your information, if You are interested: You can buy 6 Burda`s for 10.- EUR (folder van Kruidvat, vanaf 01-12-2009, op=op). This makes for each edition 1,66 EUR, that I call a good deal.


  12. I like your idea of doing an assembly line of knit shirts. You are right that Burda has the best selection of knit tops! I'm intrigued by the January 2009 (black knit) top you did. Will have to take another look at that in the magazine.

  13. Great tops! I love to "whack and stack" sew. Quick. Painless.