Wednesday, November 25, 2009



Trying to visualize the effect of two patterns with different fabrics. I’m not too good at using the more advanced functions of Paint Shop, but I did well enough for my needs. I don’t want to use more time on this than I did.

I love all the jackets that I showed in last post, but have a preference, like many of you, for the first one. I think it is a good pattern to use, even though I’m not using a plaid. It will be not casual though, that is clear by this way of looking at it. The motorcycle jacket is a good second, and something I just want to try, either in the blue fabric or in the tweed/bouclé.  So these two are the jackets that I’m planning to make this winter (though I could always change my mind). I’ll keep the others in mind for another time.

And Kay, you had to laugh because of the preference we have for the same patterns, I had to laugh when I saw that you had the same thought for the buttonholes as I have. I read Brigitte’s review of this jacket yesterday, and saw your comment on this.  So it may be a transatlantic sew-along, though it will be a week or two before I will start on this (with a muslin).


  1. You're right! The first great with this fabrics!

  2. That's a great combo and will look fantastic on you. And it doesn't necessarily have to look formal; it depends on what you pair it with. I wear my plaid a lot and always get compliments ;) The third on your list is my DD's favorite jacket: BWOF jacket patterns are just awesome, just can't go wrong with any of them.

  3. I find the buttonholes on the plaid jacket a bit odd myself. They also do a big no no and don't have any space at the edge of the jacket. Why not just make them in the seam for the trim on that jacket?
    The jackets all have some interesting details that will make them fun to wear.

  4. I cut out the pattern for the first jacket,started to sew, and burnt the wool while pressing it. Check my blog- it was a sad day. But it is a lovely pattern and it sits lonely on the shelf. I hope to do it again soon. I love it and love your fabric choices.I love their jackets. I agree with Birgitte. You cant go wrong. Enjoy! Look forward to your post.

  5. I had to go look at Birgitte's review to remember my comment! It's the same idea Nancy K has. I'll think about it, given Birgitte's comment about it throwing the button spacing off, potentially. Depressing though that I had the fabric mentally queued up for this in February, and now it's November and all I've done is trace the pattern.

  6. That bias band is just begging for concealed buttonholes in the seam. I have it in mind for a very formal 3 piece outfit based on this Burda jacket, plus skirt & pants that also have contrast bias bands (from other BWOF issues). But not before the New Year.


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