Monday, November 23, 2009

Planning ahead

This week I'm working on the cardigan, t-shirt and pants fitting. Thank you Nóra for the suggestion of the BWOF shirt pattern. It's a nice pattern, but with the horizontal line in it a bit more complicated to get a good fit. Enough on my hands with the pants fitting for now.

But in the meantime I’m planning ahead. Two years ago I bought this beautiful fabric from EmmaOneSock. Wonderful fabrics Linda has, and if shipping wasn’t that expensive I would buy more there. With one exception (Pam’s interfacing) I stopped buying overseas, though I’m regularly tempted, because I can’t help myself browsing the site.

The fabric is black/brown and I finally want to use it, giving more accent to the black than the brown, which was established last year not te be one of my good colors. But which pattern to use? I like making jackets, though reality is I don’t wear them too often. I thought about using a jeans jacket pattern, but that’s just a bit too casual perhaps. This is my shortlist. What do you think?

In combination with black fabric for the strip at the seams?

Always like a different collar/neckline.

Think this one might be too formal, but love the neckline.

Not my usual style, but one can’t always make the same thing, can’t you? 
Don’t you think this is the same pattern as the next one? Burda re-using the pattern with a twist.



  1. I really like that plaid jacket and think it would look great with your fabric and black trim. I just finished making a similar design (more a hybrid between that one and the purple one)... Also a Burda double breasted jacket. It was from the January 2006 issue, if you have it. It seems that Burda is always tweaking and recycling:

  2. Sigrid, I have to laugh - haven't we observed more than once that you and I like exactly the same things?? Well, the first 3 of your possible choices are on my list too, with the top one already traced and theoretically next on my "to sew" list. If you pick it we can have a trans-Atlantic sew-along! (But I have already decided not to do the buttonholes as Burda instructs...)

  3. I don't wear that many jackets either but I love my new motorcycle jacket and I wear it more than any other jacket I own, except maybe my leather jacket. So I vote for the first motorcycle jacket and I do think it's different; it looks like it has front princess seams which i like better.

  4. I'm loving the "motorcycle" jacket style right now, but that's most likely because I've just spent a week working on one. Any of the top 3 would also be nice. I especially like the front closure on the second one. Interesting collar and snap combo.

  5. I'm no help because I like them all!! But for a more casual look the biker jackets would be good. As for the first one, if you do the edge in black you will be bringing the curved lines to attention which may not be a good thing. (it may draw your eye down and across the hip)

  6. The first my favourite long time ago, but I think it's better from plaid.
    I like the collar of the third, but if it's too formal, then I choose the last one.

  7. My favorite of the lot is the plaid, because of the use of the fabric, of course. Next after that is the third one, the plum one. I like both of these designs because they would look good on me, too, and would work with the small waist/larger hip ratio. Both of these jackets have a nice shaping for the waist/hips.

  8. I love the plaid -- because it's plaid. I actually tried on a similar jacket this weekend at the store. But, I think I will vote for the motorcycle jacket because I want to make it and mine was a horrible fit. I want to see if it was just me ;)

  9. Oh, gosh all the jackets look so yummy. Please, what is the pattern number for the plum jacket pictured right below the light blue one?

    Must have, must have, must have!

    You have exquisite taste.

  10. Thrillingfindz: it's august 2008, no 115.

  11. Hi Sigrid, not about the jacket, but about the interfacing: do you also use Pam's interfacing for your bras?


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