Sunday, November 15, 2009



It’s been a busy weekend, but I got a little sewing done.  I cut a muslin for pants, and started on the Patrones blouse, for which I started with a BWOF pattern, as the Patrones blouse is not given in my size. The sleeves with the special cuffs are done.

The instructions are not very clear on how to make these. Berry (who I met in Paris), was so kind to translate them for me (thanks again!), but it still was not completely clear. I sewed a loop on elastic and that’s how the gathering and the closing of the two buttons are done.  The instructions called for elastic for the upper two casings, that much was clear and the lower casing has a cord of fabric. In the pattern there’s only one button, these two seemed more logical to me.


  1. These are interesting cuffs...the final garment should be fantastic with this element added to it!

  2. I have that issue, and loved the cuffs! Unfortunately, the pattern doesn't come in my size either.