Sunday, November 29, 2009

Another top and answering a few questions

Just before the working week starts again I finished my last of the “production line” sewing of tops. I do like Jalie tops for their basic, good fitting patterns, but leave it to BurdaStyle (trying to get used to the new name of BWOF) to make more special knit tops. In my opinion they don’t have knit top patterns often enough and could do some change to the designing of armhole and sleevecap. BurdaStyle instructions always tell you to to sew the side seams first and then set in the sleeves, like in a blouse. In the black top of yesterday I changed the armhole and sleevecap to those of Jalie 2449 and have sewn the sleeves in flat (shoulder seams - then sleeves -under sleeve and side seams in one go).

In this top (June 2007, no 110) no side seams at all. I used red embroidery thread for the lower thread in my coverstitch, and topstitched from the wrong side. Quick and easy pattern, but you have to pay attention to the construction of the sleeves. I might not write reviews on PR for these tops, all these have been reviewed often.

Nancy K: the way Debbie “cheats” with the sizing is exactly what I do for BurdaStyle tops like this. I start with size 40 at shoulder height and taper down to size 42 at the lowest point of the armhole. In this way I create the space I need at bust height, and have less in the shoulder area.

Answering some questions:

Meli88a: the band of the cardigan is attached with the serger and topstitched as described above for this top. A review of this cardigan (grey version) is here, with links to more pictures. Debbie: the shoulder certainly isn’t drop-down, it’s a normal shoulder width.

Tina asked whether I used Pam’s interfacing for lingerie too. The answer is no, I never used it for that, but think that the tricot interfacing might be suitable.

Thrillingfindz: the purple jacket is August 2008, no 115.

Today I browsed the December Burdastyle again. What do you think of this picture? Leisure time is the subject: do you do your knitting standing?



  1. I do NOT knit standing up, nor do I wear pants that require a belt during "leisure time". Sweats and a drawstring waist for sure!

  2. I used to knit standing on the subway on my commute to work. It's not hard, but you have to maintain your balance. I even did cabling. But now that I walk to work, I no longer need to knit standing and I don't think I would choose to. ;)

  3. Another great top. I don't knit that often, so I have to sit down and concentrate. Sweats, too.

  4. Another great top. You are inspiring me to make this top too. I don't get Burda Style's knit instructions either. Who sets in a knit sleeve? They tell you to do it that way in the raglan sleeve top I just made up. Of course I didn't

  5. LOL, and you need to find a co-ordinating wall colour as well!
    Top is nicely done with the contrasting stitching.

  6. Hm... And my stairs normally go all the way down (does she use a chair to climb up?)

    Sigrid, Pam's interfacing has been mentioned twice lately. What's so special about it?


    great tops, BTW.

  7. I like the use of the red contrast thread on the knit top - very different! I don't set in knit sleeves either. I follow the way Jalie instructs.

    No, I do not knit standing up in my leisure time. I have a comfortable reclining chair for that.

    I do use Pam's interfacings for lingerie - the stretch for lower cups if the fabric needs it, following the proper rules for direction of greatest stretch. I use the woven for bridges.

  8. Thanks for the tip. I've never tried sewing two pieces together with the serger but I will have to try!

  9. I never noticed the lady kniting while standing until you pointed it out (lol). On this second twisted top I spaced my markings out wider as your tutorial suggested. It worked beautifully.

  10. P.S. I just took a look at Just how is that neckline put together??? When you get if figured out, please let me know! It's the little details like that that make me stare at people's clothig.

  11. Goodness Sigrid, I had no idea you had returned to blogging. Welcome back! I unsubscribed when you stopped and only now found out you have been blogging all this time. I have lots to catch up on, which will be fun. :) It's nice to have you back and to see what you are sewing.