Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sorry about the picture

Working on several projects, today the muslin for pants.

Not the most charming view, this is my pants muslin for Vogue 2896. Same pants, only standing slightly different. It’s a muslin, but if I can make it a wearable muslin I would be pleased. The fabric is not too expensive and mainly man-made fibre.  I wanted to make a muslin with a fabric that has the same sort of drape as the black fabric that I want to use next. My experience this year was that I finally had a muslin right, and the drape of the fabric was so different that I had wrinkles again.

Now I really want to make a basic tnt pattern, so that I can make a couple of pants relatively quick. I need to make quite a few.

IMG_6709 IMG_6706

How time flies, I was looking for the picture of the last time I made this one, and saw that it’s two years ago. Then it looked like the picture below (can you tell I love pinstripes?).  I think the fit in the newer version above is better, but should I take up the inseam of the back part?

I’ve taken out width in the upper part of the back, as shown in the Threads article that Summerset mentioned in a post. She had the tip from Nancy K. Clear that the sewing community helps us.

Your advise is hightly appreciated.



  1. Your pants already look great in my opinion. But I understand the search for an even more perfect fit. Especially in a muslin.
    I wouldn't change them though. If mine looked only half as good...

  2. Mmm. I think if anything there is a bit too much fabric at back thighs. How about cutting a smaller size, with a round-butt adjustment, ie prolonging the back curve a bit like 1-2cm? That gets tapered down to zero about 20cm down the inseams. Actually have you tried just the regular thigh adjustment which consists of doing that curve prolongation in the -front- of the pants?
    Oh. I see, they're Vogue pants, that's the basic problem. European bodies at least just need Burda, I'm sorry, I don't know if Vogue is possible :-)..

  3. Actually, they do look pretty good. I have had the same problem - the muslin looks good and then the fashion fabric is a slightly different drape and I get wrinkles again. It looks like everything is good except for just a little fullness at the back of the leg. Have you tried removing just a little more at the inseam? Mine had the same problem in the wool. It seemed like one leg was worse than the other, too, like yours. Also, do you wear them pressed with a crease? I found that pressing them properly helped a little too. At this point, whatever you do, it will not be a major fitting adjustment.

  4. Try pinning out the cb crotch and see if the wrinkles disappear.

  5. Don't know if you've solved the issue yet, but if not, I agree with the majority here - pin out some of the width of the back pantleg at the inseam.